Aegean Airlines Contact Numbers: Customer Service, Reservation, Holidays 4U, Miles and Bonus Club, Emergency

0127 371 6300

Calls to this number cost 13p per minute plus your phone company's access charge

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Service Number Description

Aegean Customer Service Number, Reservations, Missed Flight or Running Late

0127 371 6300 The Aegean Customer Service Number 0127 371 6300?is your go-to number when in need of airline assistance. The following number is open Monday to Sunday,?09:00 a.m. ? 17:00 p.m. (holidays included).

The above is a UK telephone number available even on holidays, following the schedule above. It is for general inquiries and complaints about the company’s products and services or those of third-parties.

The phone number is suitable for general inquiries about prices and offers, flight availability for passengers that need mobility assistance, medical conditions,
and solo minors, pets, exotic animals, benefits, mileage credit, ticket purchase, fare rules, fees, payment methods, seat assignment, travel documents, meals, drinks, airport facilities, security, lounges, forgotten personal items?flight booking, delays, confirmation, overbooking/denied boarding, changes, cancellation.

Do you need the Aegean Contact Number When running late?0127 371 6300? This?is a UK call line for English speaking clients or companies. The call line is suitable for both general inquiries or specific questions about flights,?bookings, rules, fees etc. It can also be used to submit complaints?about the company’s products and services or those of third-parties.

The contact number is open Monday to Sunday,?09:00 a.m. ? 17:00 p.m. (holidays included)

The phone number can assist the caller in understanding the company’s corporate responsibility policy and how it affects the different parties involved. Aegean is operating with utmost respect for the environment,?employees,?passengers,?local communities, suppliers, and state authorities. Further information about how Aegean is promoting Greece’s cultural heritage, developing tourism, supporting education, and supporting athletics.

Additional information can be about Aegean’s press releases, news, press kit, ads, and communication.

Aegean Frequent Customer Phone Number

+30 210 626 1000 Aegean Frequent Customer Phone Number +30 210 626 1000 is an international phone number. It is one of the main phone numbers for Aegean Airlines which is a Greek airline company. It answers in Greek but can redirect foreigners to operators who speak the caller’s language.

The number is a service with a centre that is open 24/7 and always available for you. The support line acts as a universal call centre for both private and public parties. Works internationally from any airport in the world.

The phone number assists clients until the caller’s problem or perplexity is solved. You can change your customer details on the phone through one of the operators. Cancelling or changing the ticket, changing the booking, checking the baggage allowance, adding more baggage to one’s ticket, changing the ticket name or booking reference, information about one’s travelling class, claiming any missing miles retroactively, information about boarding, flight cancellation, and delay, information about tier or award miles, information about seat reservation, arranging for email and/or SMS notifications, information about miles spending, further information about fees and rules in accordance with a particular type of ticket, pet reservation, people with health problems reservations, rules, and facilities.

Aegean Miles and Bonus Contact Number

0127 342 6430 The Aegean Miles and Bonus Contact Number 0127 342 6430 can be found on their official website but it’s changed to the above phone number. It’s part of the travel agency Holidays 4U which is a business partner to Aegean Airlines. Special offers and prices for travelling tickets may be available by arranging accommodation with the travel agency Holidays 4U.

The phone number is an English-speaking phone number with a Monday through Sunday inclusive availability.

It can offer some clarity about prices for travelling, accommodation, and vacation packages around the world. Holidays 4U offers accommodation over a wide variety of private apartments and villas with pools as well as a selection of cottages in the UK and Ireland. Popular beach resorts in the Canary Islands, Tenerife, and Lanzarote are also available.

Apartments available in Tenerife, Lanzarote, Portugal, Gran Canaria, Spain, Fuerteventura, Mallorca, Tenerife Rural.

Villas/Gites available in Lanzarote, Spain, Portugal, Fuerteventura, Tenerife, Ibiza, Tenerife Rural, Malta, Cyprus, Menorca.

Cottages available in?Devon, Somerset, France, Wales, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, Cotswolds/Gloucestershire, Peak District (Derbys/Staffs), Staffordshire, Cumbria, Sussex, Dorset, Cornwall, Scotland, Suffolk, Ireland, Norfolk, Tenerife Rural.

Aegean Airlines Abroad Number

+44 129 502 2850 The Aegean Airlines Abroad Number?+44 129 502 2850?is a United Kindom number in which the operator responds in English. It acts as a universal call line for English speaking passengers, tourists, and any other kind of interested entities.

The phone number comes in handy for UK residents and English speakers as it offers information and can even make flight reservations. The phone number ca assist first-timers and guide them through the whole process of making a reservation. Furthermore, the phone line can arrange for a guide in the foreign country of destination to accommodate the client in the new country. Such a guide may be necessary for English people who wish to travel to a country with different laws as to avoid problems.

Aegean Airlines Lost Baggage Contact?Number

0344 375 4258 Aegean Airlines Lost Baggage Contact Number 0344 375 4258 is a telephone line for general inquiries as well as questions about a lost baggage, carry-on baggage, sports equipment, special luggage, dangerous goods, and so on.

It acts as an alternative call line number for problems and questions specifically to luggage and pieces of baggage of all kinds, in the airport, on the plane, or outside the aforementioned.

Aegean Helpline Support Number 01273716300 is UK phone number for English-speaking callers for questions and complaints about the company’s products and services or those of third-parties.

The above phone number is available with the following schedule: Monday to Sunday,?09:00 a.m. ? 17:00 p.m. (holidays included)

It is usually given at airports upon request. It’s a special call line which assists clients with their questions and problems on the spot but can also be outside the airport, from home or office.

The phone number provides further information about rules and fees for travelling agents, ordering a special meal for religious, health or nutritious needs, procedure for retrieving a lost item onboard,?resetting one’s Miles+Bonus Account, finding the terminal and gate, requesting special assistance for special needs passengers, information about cabin baggage allowance such as laptops, phones etc.

It can also offer clarity over career opportunities at Aegean Airways. Additional information can be requested about job openings, requirements and skills, training, and organisation.

Aegean Airlines Emergency Contact

112 Aegean Airlines Emergency Contact Number?is an English speaking call line suitable for urgent matters and emergencies of?any kind. The emergencies should be immediately?declared and the caller should closely follow the operator’s instructions while maintaining a calm and positive mindset.

For life threating emergencies such as physical injuries, drug, firearms, chemicals, explosive threats or violence of any kind please contact the international emergency number for North America 911 or 112 for Europe. The official emergency number should never be substituted in case of a real-life emergency. It’s strongly advised to have your country’s emergency phone number?on speed dial and to never hesitate in using it when confronted with danger or even a suspicion of illegal activities.

It has the following schedule: Monday to Sunday,?09:00 a.m. ? 17:00 p.m. (holidays included)

Aegean Airlines Central Office

+30 210 626 1000 Aegean Airlines Central Office Number?+30 210 626 1000?is a Greek-speaking call line from the company’s central headquarters in Greece. It has a 24/7 availability and can accommodate foreigners who don’t speak Greek.

The Greek telephone number is mostly for Greek-speaking customers and can accommodate the caller’s requests from?the initial booking to hiring an all-purpose guide in the foreign country of destination. Hotel reservations or car rentals can also be for an advantageous price from this Greek-speaking call line.