American Airlines Contact Numbers: Customer Service, Reservations

0207 660 2300

Calls to this number cost 13p per minute plus your phone company's access charge

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American Airlines Customer Service

0207 660 2300 American Airlines Customer Service contact number is?0207 660 2300.?Be in touch with?the contact number whenever you need assistance?with your travel plans?with American Airlines,?acquire travel information, book flights, for technical support, making reservations, ticket changes and more. You can get more information on the AAdvantage program, ticket sales centres, special assistance, lost and found, award travel, receipts, and refunds. The helpline number is active 24 hours, 7 days a week.

You can call the number to get more information on ticket selling centres if you need to get assistance in person. This is the helpline number to call if you have any baggage query such as baggage fees, delayed or damaged baggage, tracking you bag, restricted items, luggage delivery service and more.

American Airlines Reservations and ticket changes

0844 369 9899 American Airlines Reservations and ticket changes contact number is?0844 369 9899.?Feel free to call the helpline number to make flight reservations, to know about Award travel, tickets changes, receipts, and refunds. You can get information on the ticket charges based on your location through this contact number.

You can inquire about American Airlines product programs such as Airpass, gift cards, on business, group and meeting travel. Dial the number for details on baggage handling, clubs, and lounges.

American airlines baggage queiries

0080 02456 7890 American airlines baggage?queries?toll-free?number is 0080 02456 7890. Call this number for any assistance with baggage related queries?such as delayed?bags, missing baggage, missing or mishandled items and baggage claims. This number is open 24/7.

American Airlines London airport?

0208 745 1455 Ameircan airlines London?airport main office contact?number is?0208 745 1455. Call this number if you wish to contact the customer representative at the head office and you will be assisted accordingly.

American Airlines regional manager

0208 745 1465 The American Airlines regional manager contact number is 0208 745 1465. You can also contact the Manager, Andy Cornwell, by writing?an email?to him through?[email protected]. If you wish to talk to the regional manager especially on cargo related enquiries do not hesitate to call this number.

American airlines?London airport sales manager

0208 745 1451 The American airlines London airport sales manager contact number for cargo related enquiries is 0208 745 1451. If you have cargo related enquiries which you would like handled by the sales manager feel free to contact the sales manager. The enquiries must be in regards to travels using the London airport. If you wish to write to the manager, Michelle Brown, via email feel free to do so via??[email protected].

American Airlines managing director

0783 110 4469 The American airlines managing director contact number is 0783 110 4469. If you would like to speak?to Tristan Koch, the managing director, you will get him through this number.? You can also write him a mail via the managing director cargo email address?[email protected].

American? Airlines London airport sales manager

0208 745 1468 American Airlines? London airport?sales manager is 0208 745 1468. Call this number to speak to Jason Alderton. This number is an alternative to the other aforementioned sales manager. Also, you can get the manager through email address?[email protected].

American airlines sales manager

0780 895 6923 American airlines sales manager contact number is 0780 895 6923.? Call this number for cargo related enquiries to speak to Paula Witter the sales manager. You can also reach him by writing him an email through?[email protected]. This number serves Birmingham, Manchester?and Glasgow.

American airlines Head office

0783 110 4469 American airlines head office contact number is 0783 110 4469. This number is available for cargo related enquiries where it serves Birmingham, Glasgow and Manchester airport.