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0120 467 2400

Calls to this number cost 13p per minute plus your phone company's access charge

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Description Service

0120 467 2400 Be in touch with customer service 0120 467 2400. The discount is usually sent to your personal email you provide on any item you intend to buy. You can dial the contact number in case you can’t trace the discount code. Once you get the code, you can use it on the product you placed in your basket.

When you call this line, you will speak with the customer care representative who will be ready to solve your queries. You can get assistance in many areas such as help to choose a product, place an order and help on your purchased product. The customer care representative will guide?you through queries from the initial stages of purchasing an item, the aftercare services to the product repair. You can also be assisted with queries to?your online account and if you are a new customer, you get help on how to register an account. Dishwasher

0800 032 3249 Feel free to contact dishwasher, 0800 032 3249. You can get more information on dishwasher buying guide and delivery. Some of the available dishwashers include freestanding, integrated, slimline and semi-integrated dishwashers. You will also be assisted on dishwasher troubleshooting tips that you can use when your dishwasher malfunctions. You can ask on several concerns through the helpline such as when your dishwashers failure to start, you are unable to open the door or doesn?t clean properly. When your dishwasher has a bad smell, no water flows in or when your glasses appear cloudy after wash are other issues you would get assistance on the call. Careers

?0120 467 2504 You can inquire about job opportunities at careers, 0120 467 2504. All available opportunities are posted on the careers page and you can check for a suitable role. You can dial the number for any job post clarification on qualifications required, experience, salary, benefits contract type or location. You can apply for a position of your interest online or via linkedIn. Delivery

0800 561 4489 Get in touch with delivery, 0800 561 4489. When you call the helpline, you will get assistance to all products delivery queries. You will enjoy a delivery service on any product you order from It is also possible to have a product delivered in a flash if you need it urgently. Product deliveries are made for 7 days a week and you can choose the delivery day and time of your choice. You can have free next delivery on small appliances or a free standard delivery when you order a computing product. The delivery charge?depends on the type of product ordered and the time you need it delivered. You can get more information on delivery charges and options such as delivery to a local store or your home. Main Contact

?0120 467 2538 Feel free to dial contact number, 0120 467 2538. You can get help on how to place an order, choose a delivery option and delivery time. Through the helpline, you can inquire more details about a product before you make an order. You can?acquire details such as product price, stock count, durability, repair concerns and more. If you require delivery of the product you can get more information on the breakdown charges depending on how urgent you need it delivered. Complaints

01612350450 Get in touch with complaints, 0161 235 0450?if you need to raise a complaint. When you call the helpline, the customer care will help sort out the issue or escalate it for you. You can raise a complaint about a delay in delivery, a faulty product or a customer care services offered. If you feel that your item repair was no handle properly, feel free to call and have someone assist on your concerns. You will be able to receive a?quicker resolution to your complaint through the contact number. Track Order

0127 075 4830 When you order a product you can contact track order, 0127 075 4830. You can dial the contact number for assistance to track?the delivery of your order. It is possible for you to track your order from?your online account. You can also perform other functions under the track your order option such as request another invoice or to change the delivery date. You will be required to mention?your order number which is usually?sent as a text message and to your?email as confirmation of their?order receipt. If you get stuck or face difficulties?in tracking your order online, feel free to call the number for quicker assistance. Manchester

0120 467 2680 You can call for a visit at Manchester, 0120 467 2680. You can dial the contact number for concerns on their products and services. They have a lot of home appliances?you can order online and have them delivered to your convenient location. You can inquire on some of the products which require installation services such as cookers and cooling systems. The customer care representative will give you more details on any?aftercare services offered to customers. Kitchen Appliances

?0161 235 0401 If you have any question feel free to call contact us, 0161 235 0401?for resolutions. For any product you ordered on you can get with the how to use, maintain and troubleshoot in case it fails to function. You can get tips on how to keep your appliances clean and operational. If you have a faulty or broken item such as your kitchen appliances, you can contact the number to book for a repair. They have a team of engineers who can fix your appliance and make it function normally. You will be charged a fixed repair cost which you spread the costly for you to make monthly payments. Once your item is repaired, you are given a one month repair protection plan ensuring you have peace of mind without worry that your appliance might fail. User Support

?0161 235 0400 Get in touch with contact support, 0161 235 0400?for queries on your online account. If you are a new user, you can have your registration queries resolved through the helpline. For existing users, you can get assistance in making orders, making a decision on a product or when you are unable to locate a product online. You can call for online support on tracking delivery of your product or making a payment. If you also want to locate a store or need to change the delivery address online you can get assistance on the phone. Switchboard

?0120 467 2888 You can dial switchboard number, 0120 467 2888. If new to products and services, you can get more?information on this contact number from registering an online account to the product delivery. Their services go on after delivery of the product known as the aftercare services. These services are such as?the installation services for products like cooling systems and cookers. You can call the number if you require a breakdown of charges on any service you require. Free Number

0800 032 3249 Be in touch with phone number for billing, 0800 032 3249. You can get more information on the options you can use to make your product payments. Through this contact,?you confirm charges incurred in product purchase to the delivery point. If you book for an item repair, there are fixed charges you will be required to pay to have your product fixed by their engineers. The fixed repair charges can be spread across as monthly payments till you complete the paying the charge. You can the helpline number for assistance in case you get stuck in making payments or when you are unable to complete payment will the stipulated period. Head Office

?0120 467 2504 You can dial head office phone number, 0120 467 2504. If you need assistance on any of their products or services you can call to speak with a customer care representative. When you order a product you and would require it delivered to your convenient location, you can call to change the address or track the delivery. Advisor

?0161 235 0450 Be in touch with customer service advisor, 0161 235 0450. You can get advise on the line if you need help on making a product choice. You can get more details about a product you need to buy including the mode of payment and expected charges. When an item becomes faulty, you can call for help to troubleshoot and for tips?to make it operational.