Apple Contact Numbers: Customer Service, iTunes, Beats, Emergency, Technical Support

0800 048 0408

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Service Numbers Description

Apple Customer Service, Apple Care, iTunes

0800 048 0408 Just connect to the Apple customer service number 0800 048 0408?to speak to the Apple customer representative to get information from services to sales, shop, technical support, job opportunities and much more.

This is also the hotline for the Apple Online Store, where you can browse Apple?s latest products and shop in the comfort of your own home.If you have any questions regarding any of the products listed in the online store, you can call this customer helpline to personally consult an expert on your chosen device, not only to learn about the products, but also to aid you in deciding which product suits your needs and preferences the best.

If you need to shop and learn about the Apple products, call the Apple representatives during the office hours. Additionally, if you are unable to manage your account online, they will provide you necessary assistance as well as technical support.

The Apple care customer care service number is available during the opening time or simply visit the Apple Online Store to purchase Apple hardware, software and third-party accessories.

To modify, track or return your order, or simply update your account information, be in touch with Apple.

Moreover, for sales support and?for other enquiries call the relevant number during the opening times.

Feel free to contact the iTunes phone number, where you can talk to a support team with anything about iTunes ? from purchasing music, movies, etc.

To syncing and transferring your iTunes files to your PC, sharing it with other devices, manage your apple ID, billing and many other iTunes concerns.

If you’re not interested in speaking to the customer care team, you may send your queries by post to the address: Apple Distribution International, Luxembourg Branch

Alternatively, visit the iTunes website for more pieces of information.

Lines are open Monday-Friday 08:00-21:00 and Saturday-Sunday 09:00-18:00.These times are for both online store and sales support.

Apple Customer Service Toll-Free Number for Business Users

0800 058 2222 Although you can directly call this hotline, you can opt to make a request online and your support request will be elevated to a device expert for solutions.

If you are able to resolve your device?s issue with the solutions provided, you can skip giving the hotline a call. But if you still prefer to talk to a human operator at once, this number is the one to call. Remember though to have your Apple device?s serial number ready because it is one of the first things that the technical support operator will ask from you so your care request can push through.

Apple?s technical support team has experts on all types of Apple devices so whatever problems you may be having with either your iPad, iPhone, iPod, etc.

You will surely be given the best solution by an expert on your device who has undergone training to familiarise themselves with the different Apple devices to be able to provide effective and fast solutions. Technical support is not only for Apple hardware but for its various software as well.

If you are a business or professional user and need to shop Apple products, dial the Apple customer service toll-free number for business users?0800 058 2222.

The Apple Store for Business offers a host of business services and financing solutions, as well as trade-in and developer sales also.

This Apple customer service toll-free number is dedicated to business users who want to use Apple devices for their enterprise and need the help of an Apple expert in helping them choose the most suitable Apple devices for their business, and will give them the most efficient results.

Business owners now prefer Apple products such as the Mac computer for their offices and stores not just because of their sleek and elegant look suitable for business settings, but most importantly their efficient and user-friendly software.

Interested parties can call this hotline Mondays to Fridays, from 9 am to 6 pm or visit the Apple Store for Business.

Apple Customer Service Contact Number for Educational Institutions

0800 912 0207 To purchase on behalf of your school, college or university, please call Apple customer service contact number for educational institutions?0800 912 0207 to speak to an Apple representative.

This is the Apple customer service contact number for educational institutions that wish to equip their organisations with the best of the Apple products for the students, educators as well as the administrative employees.

Schools should be equipped with the latest in computer technology so they can teach their students the newest programs, software and other products to keep up with the changing times and to get them ready to take on the real world when they graduate.

Additionally, if you are a student, teacher or other education professionals, visit the Apple Store for Education. Lines are open Monday-Friday 08:00 am?21:00 pm and Saturday-Sunday 09:00 am-18:00 pm.

Apple Phone Number for Beats by Dre Productions

0800 028 2329 ?For customers who need the help of a Beats expert within Apple, dial the Apple phone number for beats by DRE productions 0800 028 2329.

Customer service representatives will be able to help you with whatever concern you have with your Beats by Dre product.

Apple carries other partner products such as Beats by Dre products like headphones and speakers.

Apple Customer Service UK for Accessibility and Assistive Technology

0800 048 0754 If you use an accessibility feature or assistive technology, feel free to the Apple customer service the UK for accessibility and assistive technology number?0800 048 0754.

Moreover, you can get direct access to Apple representatives who are trained in providing support using accessibility?services.

For those who use accessibility and assistive technology on their Apple devices, they can call this Apple customer service UK number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can directly contact Apple experts trained to troubleshoot any issues with accessibility and assistive technology.

Apple Developer Free Number, Technical Support

0800 107 6285 Get assistance with enrolling in an Apple Developer Program, managing your current account, or resolving Apple ID and sign in issues by calling to the Apple developer phone number?0800 107 6285.

For questions about developer events or to offer general developer website feedback, you can contact the relevant number and speak to the customer representatives. Similarly, visit the Apple developer page.

Need service or support? Start your queries by calling Apple contact number technical support.

The well-dedicated technical support team will provide you with the right solution.

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