Argos Contact Numbers: Customer Service, Complaints, Insurance, Warranty, Loans

0345 640 3030

Calls to this number cost 13p per minute plus your phone company's access charge

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Argos Customer Service Helpline

?0345 640 3030 Contact Argos customer service helpline number, 0345 640 3030?for all inquiries on item orders, reserving a product, checking whether a?product is on sale, inquiry on nearby store location, product payment methods, delivery service and on their products or services. The Argos helpline number is available?weekdays from 8AM – 8PM, Monday to?Friday and 10AM – 6PM on Saturdays. Argos customer care is well informed and ready to assist you whenever you contact them through the helpline number to make your inquiries on Argos products and orders.

Call Argos helpline phone number, 0800 107 1077?for all queries on Argos products and services. Argos has categorized their products into technology, baby and nursery, toys, clothing, jewelry and watches, sports and leisure, home and garden and gifts. You can dial the?Argos helpline to inquire on a product within those categories and you will be assisted with all details regarding the item such as whether it is still in stock, delivery, and suitable payment mode. You can also get information on the nearest store or collection point depending on your physical address.

Argos home delivery

?0345 640 2020 You can get in touch with Argos contact number home delivery phone, 0345 640 2020?to inquire about Argos home delivery service. Argos Company delivers products to customers in North Ireland and across the mainland UK from 7AM to 10PM for 7 days a week (including Sundays). They also have a reliable fast track service delivery service that ensures same day delivery of your product whenever you buy before 6PM and has it delivered by 10PM. For all items bought online and bear the logo Fast Track, you can collect from the fast track counter which saves you time on the queues in-store.

Argos customer complaints

?0121 475 7937 You can call Argos customer complaints number, 0121 475 7937?if you wish to raise a complaint on the level of customer service whether in-store or online. You can also complain about a product, the delivery mode, the packaging, delays in delivery or dissatisfaction on the purchased item. You can also give your complaint to your local store when it is an in-store related issue. You can also dial?Argos complaints helpline due to the following reasons; if you bought a faulty/damaged item, when your Argos store card isn?t working, when you get incorrectly charged to your bank, when you find a product online but you cannot find it in-store and cancel the subscription of your Argos store card.

Argos Phone Number to make payment

?0161 836 6880 Get in touch with Argos phone number to make payment, 0161 836 6880?to a purchase made online or from one of the Argos local stores. When you contact the helpline number, you will get assistance on all the payment types available for online payments and in-store payments. Some of the payment modes you can use are; using Argos store card, through visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, PayPal, and love to shop for online and in-store payments. You can also pay with your cardboard or plastic gift card voucher online as long as the card has not yet expired, gift card number should start with 10000 and it has to have a 4 digit security pin.

ALternative Argos Phone Number to Pay Bill

?0345 640 0700 You can call Argos phone number to pay bills, 0345 640 0700?online or at an in-store. You can contact the helpline number for queries on how to make your payments on your Argos store card. Once you contact the line, remember to provide your account details and the customer service representative will provide you with the details of the Argos card payment you need to pay.

Argos Phone Number to Order

?0345 640 1010 Contact Argos phone number to order, 0345 640 1010?an item from one of their local stores. You can also use the helpline number?to inquire about the status of an order previously made, provide delivery details or address and to cancel an order. You can contact this number whenever you are stuck with the orders made online for assistance.

my Argos Card

?0344 481 0800 You can contact my Argos card customer service number, 0344 481 0800?for all Argos store card issues. You can get assistance on how to apply for Argos card, how to pay with the card and how to make payments to the card. The Argos card allows you to make choices on the payment options for all items you buy from Argos. You can choose to pay monthly, buy now or pay later or through normal credit.

Argos General Insurance Questions

?0161 736 4126 You can make an inquiry on Argos insurance policies through Argos insurance contact number, 0161 736 4126.?Argos has insurance packages such as pet insurance, car insurance, and travel insurance. You can make a call through this line to inquire on the requirement of each of the insurance packages offered, the breakdown of the payments, the cover period and insurance renewal. If you wish to make an insurance claim on any of the insurance packages offered, you can contact the helpline for assistance.

Argos Warranty

?0800 561 4477

Get in touch with Argos warranty contact number, 0800 561 4477?for all your item repair needs. If you are on Argos breakdown care plan and you are in need of an item repair you can contact the helpline number for assistance from the dedicated UK based team. You will be required to produce the receipt of the item and your Argos breakdown care plan document. The adviser will record details of the issue on the item and if the repair request is approved, they will revert back to you with details of your nearest qualified engineer to proceed with the repair.You will contact the engineer and during your convenient time, he can visit your home to check on the item. All labor charges and bills for all parts are catered by Argos. Some items would require you to send to the engineer instead. The engineer will try to repair the item but if it cannot be fixed, or would cost more than replacing it, you can get a new item or an Argos voucher to replace it. During this process you will not incur additional costs, you will only pay for delivery and installation charges and also any remaining monthly payments.

Argos Pet Insurance

?0345 078 7500 You can have your queries on Argos pet insurance resolved through Argos pet insurance contact number, 0345 078 7500.?You can be guided through this helpline contact on the steps you need to follow to successfully make a claim. You can be in touch with Argos through the contact number to know more about the Argos pet insurance cover, the application process and requirements, how to make an online claim and request for a quote.

Argos Finance

?0330 099 3001 You can contact Argos finance contact number,? 0330 099 3001?for all your money issues. Through this line you can get more information about the item delivery charges, money payment arrangements if you are using the Argos store card, how to pay bills, raise a complaint in the case of an overcharge, get an insurance quote or confirm on your suitable mode of item payment. The finance team will provide you with solutions to all your transaction details queries relating to your account.

Argos Car Insurance

?0800 214 2561 Be in touch with?Argos car insurance contact number, 0800 214 2561?for all details regarding Argos car insurance policy. Argos car insurance is an affordable car insurance cover to all customers. Argos car insurance has different plans that have different coverage amounts and customers can choose the plan that best suits them. The benefit to customers is that they enjoy?flexibility on?coverage amounts making it affordable to all?customers. Those already insured, can contact the helpline to learn more about Argos car insurance, make claims, request to change from one coverage amount to another or inquire on the status of the monthly payments. In the case of an accident while on road, the insured is entitled to emergency medical expenses and does not affect the discount on claims.

Argos Travel Insurance

?0800 422 0381 You can be in touch with?Argos travel insurance contact number, 0800 422 0381?for all queries regarding Argos travel insurance cover. The helpline is active from 8AM to 9PM Monday ? Friday, 9AM to 5:30PM on Saturdays and Sundays. Argos travel insurance cover has several packages that cater for different customer needs and affordability. The travel packages include; economy, value plus, value, and premier cover. The affordability of the travel packages is an advantage to all customers willing to protect their holiday.

Argos Loans

?0192 321 1822 Get in touch with Argos loans contact number, 0192 321 1822?for queries on how to acquire Argos loans. Argos offers personal loans ranging from 1,000 to 20,000 pounds that are unsecured against your home. Argos loan limits are well set for individuals to easily acquire and be able to meet their needs. However, all Argos loan applicants are required to be 23 years and over and under the age of 70 as at the date of application. The repayment period is between 1 to 5 years and for 1 year on those loans amounting to 15,000 pounds or less. There are no arrangement fees for the personal loan and you can make an instant decision on acquiring one through online. You can contact Argos helpline to inquire on how much you can borrow and the repayment plan.