AXA Contact Numbers: Customer Service, Car Insurance, Home Insurance, Health Insurance, Travel Insurance

0330 024 1235?

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AXA Customer Services, PPP Healthcare

?0330 024 1235 ?Be in touch with AXA customer services?0330 024 1235?for queries on insurance and investment plans. You can get more details of theirs products and services as well as get assisted when you get stuck in accessing their services. You can report a car breakdown or an accident through this number.

Get in touch will AXA PPP healthcare contact and get more information how to become a member of AXA PPP healthcare if you are a new customer. For existing customers, you can make a claim through the number,?get details on centres?to get treatment, your membership handbook details?or amend your membership. If you are unsatisfied with any of their specialised care services, you can call dial the helpline number for assistance.

AXA Car Insurance

0330 024 1158 Get in touch with AXA car insurance free phone number?0330 024 1158. You can dial the number for queries on AXA car insurance. They have two types of car insurance cover, third party, fire and theft car insurance and comprehensive car insurance. You can call to get a more detailed breakdown of the types of car insurance. When you call the phone number you can ask about other details on car insurance such as the policy details, how to make a claim, optional extras, multi car insurance and dashcams. The customer care representatives are always ready to listen and offer solutions.

AXA Home Insurance

0289 002 0104 Feel free to dial AXA home insurance phone number?0289 002 0104. If you need home insurance cover, you can consider AXA as your insurer. They have three home cover products you can choose from namely HomeSafe, HomeSure and HomeSmart. You can call to get more details about each of the home cover products so as to choose the one that suits you. For home cover, you get 24-hour emergency service support, locks replacement in case of a break-in and home repairs. You would also be given up to 1,000 pounds as emergency cash in case your home cannot be lived in after an accident. You will enjoy peace of mind with the home cover products plus benefits.

AXA Travel Insurance

0333 241 3545 For your travel plans, be in touch with AXA travel insurance phone number?0333 241 3545. You can choose the several travel insurance options available. The travel insurance options include; single trip, annual multi-trip, backpacker/long stay, adventure sports, winter sports and medical travel. You can call to get more information on each of the available travel plan options before you make a choice. Through this line, you will also be advised on how to make claims.

AXA Health Insurance

0330 024 1157 For health insurance concerns, reach out to AXA health insurance phone number?0330 024 1157. Our health matters a lot to our well-being and that is why AXA has several health cover plans for you. They have three main health cover plans, personal health cover, business health cover and international health cover. The personal health cover includes several options such as private health cover, dental insurance and child health insurance. You can call this line to get a health insurance quote.

AXA Van Insurance

0330 024 1229 Be in touch with AXA van insurance contact number?0330 024 1229. If you own a van, you can consider buying personal van insurance from AXA. You can dial the number to get your van insurance quote. Through this helpline, you can get more details about the features of the comprehensive cover. They offer accident recovery of your van regardless of where you are and ensure a?repair is done by AXA approved repairers. You will be provided with a courtesy van during your van repair period. Any valuables lost or stolen will be replaced such as installed audio players and Sat Navs.

AXA Insurance

0330 024 1158 You can dial AXA insurance free phone number?0330 024 1158?for your insurance cover concerns. If you need to buy an insurance policy with AXA, you can call for advice on the insurance cover that best suits you. You can also inquire about the requirements you need to provide, insurance types and features or benefits of their insurance plans. Some of the insurance cover plans available are personal insurance, car insurance, home insurance, van insurance and breakdown cover. If you are an existing customer, you can inquire on how to make claims and how to report an accident or breakdown.

AXA Life Insurance

0330 024 1305 Feel free to dial AXA life insurance phone number?0330 024 1305. You can inquire through this line about life insurance plans offered by AXA if you are a new customer. The life insurance plans offered are term life insurance, variable life insurance, whole insurance and universal life insurance. If you are an existing customer, you can get more details on the features available in your life insurance plan and how to make payments.

AXA Car Insurance Renewal

0330 024 1306 If you need to extend your cover period, call AXA car insurance renewal phone number?0330 024 1306. You will be able to discuss with the customer service representative about your renewal. If you opt to make changes to your policy, you will get assistance on this number. You can also renew your insurance online through MyAXA online account.

AXA Business Insurance

?0800 197 1121 You can have your queries resolved through AXA business insurance phone number?0800 197 1121. You will be taken through the products under business insurance to enable a choice for the one that suits you. Some of the products offered are landlord insurance, shop insurance, van insurance, employer?s liability insurance, public liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance and more.

AXA PPP Healthcare

0330 024 1235

AXA Insurance Renewal

0330 024 8086 You can call AXA insurance renewal phone number?0330 024 8086?about your insurance renewal. If you wish to make amendments to your insurance plan you can get assistance through this helpline. If you have more than one insurance cover plans with AXA you can renew both at the same time. You can also call to get assistance when you want to cancel your insurance cover.

AXA Sun Life

0330 024 1278 Feel free to call AXA sun life contact number?0330 024 1278. If you have queries on how to pay your premiums or make changes to My Smarter (ISA) you can get assistance through the contact number. You can also make a claim, request changes to your policy, personal details or plans on this number. If you have been receiving marketing communications and you would want to stop receiving them, you can call for assistance.

AXA Breakdown

0330 024 1277 Be in touch with AXA breakdown phone number?0330 024 1277. You can get assistance with repair from AXA and ensure you embark on your journey. You can call to get more information from the insurance cover plan and the charges. They provide roadside assistance when your car breaks down at a distance of more than a mile from your home.

AXA Insurance Breakdown Cover

0330 024 1235 Be in contact with AXA insurance breakdown cover phone number?0330 024 1235. You can inquire about the products under breakdown cover. Some of the plans offered are AXA roadside, AXA rescue, AXA European, AXA Rescue and Home assistance. You can call to get your breakdown cover quote and charges of the breakdown cover plan.

AXA International Customer Online Services

0330 024 1239 Contact AXA international customer online services?0330 024 1239?for queries on your online account. If you need to make an?amendment to your policy or amend your personal details, you can contact the helpline number. You can access AXA online services regardless of where you are and in case you are stuck, you can get assistance from customer care representatives.

AXA Pensions

0330 024 1307 Get in touch with AXA pensions contact number?0330 024 1307?for pension and investment products queries. You will get more information from the contact number on how to accumulate your wealth through the pension plan. You will also be advised on your monthly payments and the period till when you would wish to stop the payments.

AXA Human Resources

0330 024 1308 Feel free to dial AXA human resources contact?0330 024 1308. If you need any clarification about a career opportunity at AXA you can call human resource centre for assistance. You can view available job opportunities on their website on the careers page. You can confirm the job requirements and skills required for a chance to acquire a job placement at AXA.

AXA Assistance

0330 024 1309 For a solution to your queries dial, AXA assistance contact number?0330 024 1309. You can call for assistance on any of AXA products and services. If you need clarifications on their insurance products and benefits, you can a breakdown of insurance products offered through this contact number. Call to get a quote of the insurance product that best suits you.

AXA Investment Managers

0330 024 1229 If you wish to accumulate your wealth, call AXA investment managers contact?0330 024 1229. You can make queries on the investment products offered and the monthly contributions you need to pay. The customer care representative will guide on the best investment plan that suits to enroll.