Giffgaff Contact Numbers: Customer Service, Top Up, Activate Sim, Pay As You Go, Complaints, Technical Support

0113 202 3939

Calls to this number cost 13p per minute plus your phone company's access charge

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Giffgaff Customer Service, Top Up, Special Offers, Billing/Monthly Payment, Technical Support, Complaints, Pay As You Go

0113 202 3939


The Giffgaff customer service contact number 0113 202 3939 guarantees you access to all their customer services, including Top Up, Complaints, and even Technical Service.

In general, the company encourages their customers to use their various online platforms in accessing their services. This is the reason as to why the contacts are rare to find.

However, you can still make your inquiries regarding their different customer care services using the number above. May it be getting started with your sim, topping up and balance inquiries, as well as your phone.

No matter what your inquiry is, they are ready to get you covered or refer you to the relevant departments that will address your issues.

The customer care representative will direct you to the right department in case he or she is unable to cover your inquiries.

You can make inquiries such as:

  • Problems with internet settings.
  • Report a lost or stolen phone.
  • Phone insurance.
  • Financing your phone.
  • PAC code.
  • Among other phone support services.

Generally, the company supports monthly payments subscriptions for both minutes and data bundles. If you are experiencing any discrepancies in your monthly payments schedule, it is important that you let them know and make the necessary changes.

GiffGaff Alternative Contact Methods


Giffgaff Transfer

Use the Giffgaff transfer number Log in support to bring any of your old number to Giffgaff.  In fact, you can transfer any mobile number from any UK mobile service provider.

All you request the sim transfer service from the company, you need to have the following:

  • Your Porting Authorisation Code (PAC) from your former mobile services provider.
  • An active Giffgaff sim.

Finally, note that the transfer number service is always facilitated after filing the relevant application form on the company’s website.

Giffgaff Keep My Number

The Giffgaff keep my number Log in help desk is open to all customers who have inquiries about maintaining their numbers from their former mobile services providers.

As previously stated, you need to have you PAC from your former mobile services provider while requesting this service. Also, make sure you have a working Giffgaff sim at the time of seeking assistance.

Most notably, you will experience a loss of service on both your sim cards as the company facilitates the process of keeping your number. This might be up to 0900 hrs on the day they are working on that process.

GiffGaff Activate SIM

In order to activate your Giffgaff SIM card you need to head over to the main website and type in your personal information. Once you go and Activate SIM, you can complete all your customers with inquiries about activating their sim get assistance.

Firstly, use the platform to ask about your how you can activate your first ordered sim from the company.

On a different not, use the link to ask for solutions to how to activate your replacement sim in case you do not have ideas on how to go about it.

Nevertheless, through the activate sim link, you are definitely bound to find all the activate sim solutions you are looking for.

Giffgaff Complaints



Use the Giffgaff complaints [email protected] helpline contact to raise any dissatisfaction you have with the company’s services.

As a matter of fact, things might not go as planned from time to time. This is despite the company’s efforts to provide all customers with excellent services.

In this regard, the company takes all complaints seriously. And will endeavour to resolve them at the speed of light when they arise.

Generally, the company’s takes up to 5 days in responding to different inquiries. In case they have  gone past this timeline, feel free to tell them how they have let you down.

Giffgaff Order Replacement Sim

Use the Giffgaff order replacement sim order page in the event that you experience challenges ordering your replacement sim from their web page. However, this is a rare occurrence.

In case you have not received your ordered replacement sim in three business days, kindly check the delivery address you indicated while making your orders. If it is incorrect, all you need to do is reorder a new replacement sim.

On the same not, it is important that you make yourself available at home whenever you order the sim to be delivered at your doorsteps.

Giffgaff Messages From Agents

The Giffgaff messages from agents Log in help desk is open to all customers in need of further clarifications from questions they had raised earlier on.

If you are not satisfied with the messages you receive from the company’s agents in form of reply, use the above helpline to get the air cleared.

Under most circumstances, you will find it convenient to access Giffgaff services through messaging their agents. This is because their agents are not only available online 24/7 but also give an immediate response to customer inquiries via their messaging platform.

Giffgaff Contact Agent Online

Use the Giffgaff contact agent Ask an agent for help platform and seek a referral to any of their agents available online.

For your information, the company generally advocates for their agents to be contacted through their online platform. This is because customers get an instant reply to their queries on the company’s online platform.

Nevertheless, it is logical that customers cannot sometimes be at a position to access the internet. Under such circumstance, you can make an effort to reach them via the above contact number.

On a positive note, know that the company’s agents are available online 24 hours 7 days a week. The company has made these efforts to ensure that their customers are never left hanging at any given time of the day or night.

In general, the most reliable way of contacting the company is through their online platform. They highly advocate for this because of the many agents they have available online ready to address customer inquiries.