Good Energy Contact Numbers: Customer Service, Sales, Business, Emergency, SME, Feed-in Tariff

0800 254 0000

Calls to this number cost 13p per minute plus your phone company's access charge

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Service Number Description

Good Energy Customer Service

0800 254 0000 Good Energy Customer Service free number is 0800 254 0000. This number is open for contact from 8 am to 8 pm that is from Monday to Friday and 8 am to 1 pm on Saturday. You can also contact Good Energy online through email [email protected]. Good Energy complaints can all be written in email form. This Good Energy number is meant for general enquiries and other concerns. It could be questions concerning the type of services which the company offers such as Good Energy bio gas sources. Apart from that, you can request for further clarification using the number given above to switch from your current Good energy provider. Moreover, this number comes in handy when making payments for your bills and updating your details in the system should it prove to be a challenge. Finally, you can also use this contact for directions when you are moving to a new house which has their company’s products such as bio gas installed.

Good Energy Sales Enquiries

0800 254 0004 The Good Energy Sales Enquiries free number is 0800 254 0004. You can also contact Good Energy sales online through email [email protected]. This number is useful for those intending to subscribe to the products and services of the above company. This company is well known across the UK for sourcing 100% renewable energy from very reliable energy sources such as bio fuel, hydro, wind and solar. This number is very crucial for answering all queries arising from the reliability of the above energy sources. Across the UK alone, they supply over 59,000 homes and businesses purely coming from renewable sources thus making them reliable. Call the sales team using the number provided to get a quotation summary tailored in accordance with your daily energy needs.

Alternatively, you can send enquiries in the post:
Good Energy
Monkton Reach
Monkton Hill
SN15 1EE
United Kingdom

Meet Joe Wadsworth, head of sales and send him an email, [email protected].

Meet Patrick Ferguson, senior executive of sales, [email protected]

Good Energy National Grid Gas Emergency

0800 111 999  The Good Energy National Grid Gas Emergency free number is 0800 111 999. This number is crucial for all emergencies that may occur in your day to day usage of the company’s sources of energy. It is available 24 hours 7 days a week.

Good Energy Business Customer Service

0800 254 003 The Good Energy Business Customer Service free number is 0800 254 003. This is undeniably the most reliable and consistent supplier of 100% renewable energy in the whole of UK since 1999. This number will link you up with the business team who shall give tailored advice that suits your company’s energy requirements. Get the team give your business electricity quote or get further understanding of their standard business tariffs. All these sets of information can be enquired using the above shown number.

Alternatively, you can contact James Tennyson or contact Good Energy Business in general online [email protected]. Or you can contact Benjamin Turner, a senior Business executive for sales, [email protected].

Good Energy SME Customer Service

0800 254 0021 Good Energy SME Customer Service free number is 0800 254 0021. This number is dedicated for the small  and medium enterprises who are coming up and require energy support especially the renewable type. This number is open from Monday to Friday as from 8.30AM-5.30PM. You can request information on electricity and gas or get a quotation for your business. This can be made easier by giving your postal code for easier assistance. You can contact Good Energy SME customer service online through email [email protected].

Good Energy Press Office

0124 947 8344 Good Energy Press Office contact number is 0124 947 8344.This number is open to the media personnel to make any enquiry concerning the company, the latest press release or get to find out more on the biography of the CEO and founder of the company, Juliet Davenport. Furthermore, this line is open to any member of the media who would like to get more detailed information on the company products and services. You can contact the Good Energy press office online during normal business hours or outside business hours [email protected].

Good Energy Feed-in Tariff

0124 976 6090 Good Energy Feed-in Tariff contact number is 0124 976 6090. This number will be useful for such concerns and the line opens Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm except on bank holidays. If you want to make a switch to Good Energy, you need to know all fees involved. Once you download the form send it in immediately to ensure a smooth Good Energy transition.