Gumtree Contact Numbers: Customer Service, Classifieds, Complaints Department, Consumer Rights, Career Contacts, Return Policy

0208 605 3325

Calls to this number cost 13p per minute plus your phone company's access charge

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Service Number Description

Gumtree Customer Service

0208 605 3325


Gumtree customer service?0208 605 3325 gets you in touch with the company’s customer care switchboard.

For your information, Gumtree is one of UK’s leading classified sites. In addition, the company does not only post millions of advertisements on its website every month but also has millions of visitors.

If you are looking for somewhere to advertise your goods and services, then Gumtree is the place to consider. This is because the company has a great audience to offer, on top of a quality customer service.

Additionally, if you have a customer account with the company, this is the number to call for any assistance.? Regardless of the challenge, you are experiencing in managing your account, the technical support is ready and offers quick assistance.

Gumtree Assistance

0203 580 0500


The Gumtree phone number?0203 580 0500 is open to all the companies new and existing customers.

In case you are new to the companies services and have an interest in working with them, simply dial the above phone number. Ask the company’s attendants you find online all sorts of questions you want to be clarified before engaging into a contact with them. They will cover your questions one by one as they give satisfactory answers that will enlighten your view towards the company.

Furthermore, if they do not pick up the call at the time you are trying to get in touch with the, they definitely get back to you. This is because the company values your voice and places the customer before anything else.

In case you need to advertise your goods and services with Gumtree; the above contact number leads to the right sources of help.

Gumtree Support Representative

0203 598 8081


Use the Gumtree helpline support representative?0203 598 8081 to get in touch with the company’s help desk.

Firstly, use the number to request assistance if you are experiencing challenges in signing up with the company. The company’s help desk personnel will guide you through a successful process that will ensure you have an account with them.

Secondly, call the number and request for help if you have a problem facilitating your advertisement activities using your existing account. The company’s help desk is ready to assist and guide you through a successful use of your account. This is regardless of the challenge you are experiencing since they have all the solutions with them.

On the other hand, the number is really useful when it comes to consumer services. In case you have identified a good or service among the company’s classified Ads and have challenges checking them out; seek for assistance from the support desk.

Gumtree Requests

0203 580 0500 The Gumtree contact number?0203 580 0500 is the key to requesting different services from the company.

Before striking a business deal with the company, use the number to raise the different questions you have regarding their services. The companies customer care personnel will take care of all your inquiries to your fullest satisfaction. This is because, at Gumtree, the customer is the first in command.

On a different note, use the number to ask for assistance whenever your experience any challenges in checking out with your identified goods and services advertised by the company.

Gumtree Free Classified Ads?

0203 580 0500 Use the Gumtree free classified Ads number?0203 580 0500 to inquire from them about the available free classified Ads services.

While advertising for your different goods and services, it is also important that you be economical in order to rip maximum profits. It is out of this understanding that the company sometimes award free classified Ads services to its various customers, especially loyal ones.

On the other hand, in case you have a doubt whether your Ads fit in the free category of Ads, simply call the above number and ask for clarifications.

Gumtree Business?

0203 580 0500 Use the Gumtree business contact number?0203 580 0500 to make your inquiries with the company before striking a deal with them.

Whether you want to advertise jobs, motors, property or services but do not know how to go about it, simply ask for guidance. The company’s business agents are ready to take you through a comprehensive guide to understanding their business deals.

Additionally, it is important that you have all the information about the business you want to engage in with them while calling. This will aid the company’s business team in addressing your queries with the exactness required.

Gumtree Complaints Department

0208 605 3325


The Gumtree complaints department?0208 605 3325 lets you channel your dissatisfactions to the company’s complaints desk.

The company really values your say when it comes to the services they provide. In the event that you are dissatisfied with any of Gumtree’s services, let them know via the above contact number.

Furthermore, it is your complaints that will make the company streamline its weak areas for a better customer experience. Therefore, do not hesitate to express your complaints to them.

Also, if you, unfortunately, receive different goods from those ordered earlier on, use the number to get seek a pickup of the goods. The company’s complaints department will ensure that you get the right goods delivered once the wrong ones are collected.

Gumtree Consumer Rights?

0203 598 8081


Use the Gumtree consumer rights helpline?0203 598 8081 to inquire about your rights as a consumer.

In case you feel your consumer rights have been violated by the company, do not hesitate to contact them. However, make sure you go through the companies terms and conditions just to confirm if your consumer rights have really been violated.

On the other hand, use the number to ask for clarifications regarding consumer rights before putting up an advert with the company. That is if you have an account with the company but certain consumer rights are not clear to you.

Gumtree Careers?

0203 580 0500



The Gumtree careers contact?0203 580 0500 gets you in touch with the company’s careers team.

If you want to be part of Gumtree, simply dial the above contact number and make your inquiries. The company is on the lookout for great talents to help them escalate high on the ladders of success.

Regarding the same, if there is a vacancy announcement by the company, use the number to get things clear before submitting your CV.

Gumtree Head Office?

0203 580 0500 The Gumtree Head Office contact number?0203 580 0500 gets you in touch with the company’s top management. For your information, the company’s head office is addressed at:

  • 5 New Street Square
  • London
  • EC4A 6DN

If you have an inquiry or suggestion that you feel can be best addressed by the company’s head office, get in touch with them using the above contact number. Gumtree really values the inquiries and suggestions of their customers since it gets them moving forward.

Support for Gumtree Return Policy

0203 580 0500 Support for Gumtree return policy 0203 580 0500?is a special switchboard Gumtree Phone number.

If you have received goods that do not much the specifications listed in the Ad, use the above contact number to make your reports. The company’s help desk team are there to make sure that you get the goods that match the specifications given in the advertisements. They will, therefore, do all they can to successfully facilitate your return policy.

In a different case, if you receive faulty goods that definitely are not useful at all, report the incidence to the company using the above contact number. The company’s help desk are more than willing to help you make a successful return of such goods back to the advertiser.

Cancel My Gumtree Account

? 0203 580 0500 If you need to cancel my Gumtree account,?0203 580 0500?is the number you need?to terminate your account with the company. In other words, if you are experiencing challenges in cancelling your Gumtree account, simply call the above contact number and seek help.

For your information, there are different accounts offered by the company. These include; jobs account, motors account, property account, and services account. In case you own any of these accounts and experiencing a challenge in terminating them, seek some help using the company’s cancel account number.

Furthermore, make sure you have all the details about your account as you call the company’s help desk team. This will easily facilitate in helping them cancel your desired account. On a different not, the company is not ready to see you cancel your long term relationship with them, however necessary.

On a positive note, if you have opened a wrong category of account with the company and would like to cancel the account and have the right one, you can also use the above contact number. The company will facilitate cancellation of the wrong account and opening of the right one.

Gumtree Cancel Ad?

0203 580 0500 Finally, use the Gumtree cancel Ad helpline?0203 580 0500 to delete an advertisement you no longer need.

In case your advertisement has gone through thereby earning you a customer, you can use the number to cancel it. This is if at all the advertisement is still online yet the transaction has been completed.

On the other hand, use the number to cancel incorrect or wrong advertisement posted to avoid giving misleading information to buyers.