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0208 544 6403

Calls to this number cost 13p per minute plus your phone company's access charge

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Iglu Main Customer Service Number: 0208 544 6403


Iglu Cruise Customer Service Number

0208 544 6403 Iglu cruise is well established in the UK as among the best cruise dealers with over 3000 ports visits alone. They manage to tour over 30 destinations from over 25 cruise lines. On top of that, they have the best customer service team well-trained and possess excellent service culture. They will provide you with the best advice on how you can go on holiday for greater enjoyment for a pocket-friendly price. For general inquiries, questions or raising any concerns, contact the Iglu Cruise Customer Service number 0208 544 6403.  A friendly customer service representative will be ready to attend to you shortly. Give them a call using the above-shown number.

Iglu Cruise Contact Number UK

0203 696 9453 Iglu Cruise has been operational since the year 2000. It’s the largest telephone based cruise agents in the UK. They have excelled greatly in customer service over the years and they have been increasing steadily. Going for a holiday will be the best cool thing to do as you will cruise with unlimited range selection of major cruise lines. They search for the best deals as compared to your local travel agents. For any query concerning their services, get in touch with Iglu Cruise Contact UK 0203 696 9453. This number will connect you with a representative who shall have all your outstanding issues solved.

Iglu Cruise Helpline Support

0203 696 9450 Whenever you are going for a holiday, it is the most relaxing and enjoyable moment one can ever be in. This is the moment you want a stress free environment when traversing the waters on that cruise ship.Moreover, with a dedicated, well-trained team, all your worries, concerns and complaints shall be addressed as soon as possible to ensure you fully enjoy your getaway weekend. Therefore, whenever you are facing a challenge of booking a short break or making online payments, this team shall be willing to further assist you.Get in touch today with their Iglu Cruise Helpline Support 0203 696 9450.

Iglu Cruise Phone Number

0203 553 6373 Are you planning an adventurous, breathtaking holiday with your family or loved one? Iglu Cruise is the company to consider as your facilitator. This is because they have one of the best cruise deals and above all at pocket-friendly prices. Furthermore, utilising their services during your vacation is the better choice to ever take. This is because all the cruise holidays are ATOL protected and in addition, all their holidays are ABTA bonded. This enables the user to travel with them and have a peace of mind throughout your holiday. In case, you require support of any nature before, during or after your holidays, then dial the Iglu Cruise Phone Number 0203 553 6373.

Iglu Cruise Payments Number

0203 696 9453 When going on holiday, the best thing one can enjoy most is to do almost everything in a convenient way. At Iglu Cruise, you can check your balance online through their most secure web-based system Here you will require your login credentials and be able to access your account to make prepayments, or to clear outstanding balances. They have different payment methods such as using debit cards or cheque whose currency is the sterling pound. If you have difficulty in making any payments, contact Iglu Cruise Payment Numbers 0203 696 9453.

Iglu Cruise Cancellation Policy

0208 544 6403 Do you want to try cancelling your booking any time? Call Iglu Cruise Cancellation policy 0208 544 6403. They shall be governed in the process of making a cancellation as per their cancellation policy when advising you. Use the above contact to ask for a quote for cancellation purposes. However, they will retain your deposit.It’s also important to know about the cancellation costs should you consider to cancel your holiday. In order to have cancellation successful, look for an appropriate insurance cover to mitigate against any money losses if you fail to travel.

Iglu Cruise Booking Conditions Customer Number

0203 131 2270 Any organisation out there must be conducted in accordance with a set of policies. At Iglu Cruise, they have terms and conditions that must be met by an individual or group of people going on holiday. For example, if you book a holiday, they shall take all responsibility as per their booking terms and conditions. In addition, they also as a third party but are not fully responsible like in the previously mentioned case. This is also captured in their booking conditions. Therefore, to get to know more on this terms contact the Iglu Cruise Booking Conditions Customer Number 0203 131 2270. A well-trained representative will be in contact with you.

Iglu Cruise My Booking Helpline Support

0203 811 5413  Whenever you are planning to go for a holiday, it’s prudent to make prior arrangements before the actual day materialises. This involves booking as early as 17 weeks before departure time. This ensures that proper planning is in place for you to enjoy your holiday. Moreover, it gives a window of making any necessary changes like cancellations just before the actual day materialises.  Therefore, if you are faced with any difficulty when making your bookings, kindly contact Iglu Cruise My Booking Helpline Support 0203 811 5413. The dedicated team will be ready to assist out with your booking enquiries.

Iglu Cruise Complaints Phone Number

0203 811 6265  Iglu Cruise is well known all over the UK for providing the best services to the greatest destinations. They have also won an award for being the best cruise agent. However, mistakes can happen anytime and that’s why they have set up a dedicated complaints department with well-trained staff who will provide expert advice on all manner of complaints emanating from their services. This team will handle all your complaints as soon as possible and provide a solution in the shortest time. All calls to this number are normally recorded for training and also monitoring purposes. This helps the company to gauge their customer service levels.

Iglu Cruise Credit Card Charge Customer Support

0203 696 9456 There are several payment methods available at Iglu availed to all their customers. These include credit cards, debit cards or by using cheques. When using credit cards for payments, it’s imperative to note the various charges incurred whenever one uses it for payment. There is a cash handling fee of 2% for making booking payments using the mentioned card. If you find that you have been charged more, then contact Iglu Credit Card Charge Customer Support 0203 696 9456. By calling them today, will have all your credit card charges issues and other queries resolved too.

Iglu Cruise Discount Code Customer Service

0208 544 9453 Discover the best and exclusive holiday deals courtesy of Iglu Cruise. From time to time they provide very wonderful promotions to acknowledge their valuable customers. With several deals at your disposal, you are given freedom to choose to cruise to the wide range of spectacular destinations at affordable rates.This is because they have all that is needed. For most of the promotions availed, they include free drinks and wi-fi access when you apply these discount codes. For more information on how to redeem your discount code, call the Iglu Cruise Discount Code Customer Service 0208 544 9453.

Iglu Cruise Head Office Phone Number

0208 544 6620 If you would like to get to know more about the leading online travel agent in the Uk, then get in touch with the Iglu Cruise Head Office Phone Number 0208 544 6620. You shall get an opportunity to talk to a manager from the various departments and discuss business. If You have queries which were not satisfactorily answered, then here is an opportunity to speak to air your grievances to their head office.They will gladly assist you and go to the extent of discussing new business.

Iglu Cruise Travel Insurance Contact Number

0800 276 1470 Do you intend to travel over the holiday to your choice destination? Then call today the Iglu Cruise Travel Insurance Contact Number 0800 276 1470. By using this phone number to make a booking, you earn yourself a 5% discount on their flex-cover. You can then go for a holiday with confidence. This could be a single trip, annual multi-trip or even the gap year long stay. For detailed information and guidance, use the contact given above to reach the insurance department. The customer representative will be prepared to tackle all your queries.

Iglu Cruise Make A Payment Customer Service

0208 254 3577 After you have made a choice decision of your travel destination, it’s now time to submit payment. To get assistance doing so, dial the Iglu Cruise Make A Payment Customer Service 0208 254 3577. They shall guide you on the whole process if you are facing challenges and also provide information on how you can check your booking summary to confirm the details and finally after ascertaining everything is alright, you can then go ahead to make the payment. You can request them to check your online balance and the most appropriate method of payment.

Iglu Cruise Recruitment Contact Number

020 3733 4756 Are you looking for career growth? At Iglu Cruise, they are always looking for the best talent in the market. Join this dynamic, hard working team of individuals today and watch your career grow. In the year 2016 alone, they closed the year on a high note by clinching the best company to employ multiple female employees. Furthermore, they also scooped the travel employer of the year award courtesy of world advisor. This means they have a conducive employee environment which enhances productivity. To join this fabulous team, call the Iglu Cruise Recruitment Contact Number 020 3733 4756 and speak to one of their human resource representative for available vacancies and the procedure to follow when applying.

Iglu Cruise Voucher Codes Customer Service

0203 811 5210 Talk to one of the Iglu Cruise customer representatives and be briefed on the special discounts to their various destinations. By contacting them, you will get to know of the available promotions under offer and how to redeem a voucher code for discounts. These promotions are normally run to reward loyal customers and also to make your holidays cheaper and affordable.Therefore, call the Iglu Cruise Voucher Code Customer Service 0203 811 5210. They remain open to service from Monday to Saturday. They shall record your call for quality and monitoring purposes.