JD Williams Contact Numbers: Customer Service, Delivery, Returns, Promotional Codes, My Account

0345 071 9018

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Service Number Description

JD Williams

0345 071 9018

The JD Williams contact number 0345 071 9018 is used to make general inquiries on the retailer’s services.

JD Williams is one of UK’s leading fashion retailer. The company prides itself in making fashion fit for all age groups of persons. These includes men, women, and kids. Not only does the company offer multiple designs in clothing but also a wide range of footwear from its exclusive collection of goods.

In addition, customers also buy a wide range of their favourite brands from the retailer’s electricals, homeware, and furniture sections. Customers can therefore practically shop for a wide variety of goods under one basket, saving time and expenses.

Truly, if you want an experience with quality, value for money and excellent customer care start shopping at JD Williams. The retailer has something for everyone and celebrates the individuality of all their customers.

JD Williams Customer Service

0345 071 9018 JD Williams customer service contact number 0345 071 9018 is the leeway for customers to inquire about any services offered by the company.

Know that as a customer, you are very important to the company. That is why they would like to hear what you think. The company’s customer care desk is ready to help you out under any circumstances. Whether you would like them to answer a question, offer shopping advice, or simply respond to a comment or suggestion on how to improve their services.

Furthermore, always know the category that bests fits your inquiry for you to get quick and helpful assistance. It is also important to have your customer number in mind while making calls using the customer service number. This is if at all you have an existing account with the company.

Finally, it is important that you go through the customer’s HELP section before calling. This is because you might get your inquiries already well covered under that section.

 JD Williams Home Essentials

0161 386 2091

The JD Williams Home Essentials phone number 0161 386 2091  is useful in getting information about home shopping services offered by the company. Home Essentials is one of JD Williams trading style. It successfully operates over 20 catalogue brands.

Basically, Home Essentials categorically sells furniture for any given room within your home. To get a breakdown of bedroom furniture collections sold by the retailer, simply contact the number above. As for the living room, you can discover your own signature style or make updates on combined contemporary and traditional styles offered by the company.

Additionally, you can also make inquiries about stylish kitchenware and storage. The customer service response team will take you through not only small kitchen electricals but also the most trusted names in white goods for your kitchen. Remember, it is important for your kitchen to be practical and stylish.

Not forgetting to mention is the office, dining room, bathroom, and kid’s room furniture. The company offers all sorts of beautiful furniture, for all rooms within the home.

JD Williams Received Orders

0345 071 9018 JD Williams received orders contact number 0345 071 9018 is the link to all amendments pertaining any received orders. These can be in the form of unwanted, incomplete, or faulty goods that you have received.

If part of your order is missing, do not worry so much since the solution is right with you. Simply contact the phone number above and give the details of the missing item to the customer care personnel.

Remember to have the item number with you while making calls to report missing orders. This will easily facilitate the company’s efforts in tracking the missing items, for quick delivery at the doorsteps or location of choice.

JD Williams My Account

0345 071 9018 The JD Williams My Account phone number 0345 071 9018 is very useful in the event of any inquiries regarding your account with the company.

For inquiries about your account balance, simply call the above phone number. The customer care department will give you the relevant assistance if at all there is a discrepancy in the balance reflecting on your account.

Furthermore, if you need assistance relating to payments, credit issues, and account statements, feel free to make inquiries and get satisfactory assistance using the phone number provided above.

Also, get help and guidance on matters of account protection plans and cover plans using the same number.

Finally, if you have any encounters rendering your account inaccessible from the online platform, this is the number to call and ask for a breakthrough.

Remember, you total outstanding balance can be checked online anytime. It is, therefore, uneconomical to call inquiring on the same unless there is a suspected error in it.

JD Williams Return Goods

0345 071 9018 The JD Williams return goods contact number is 0345 071 9018.

In case you have been issued with the wrong goods that you did not order. Call the contact number above and ask to return the wrong goods for you to receive the particular goods ordered. Have you item number while making these reports since it is useful in tracking the specific goods you ordered from the retailer.

Likewise, if you have been issued with more goods than you ordered, it is courteous enough for you to return the extra goods back to the retailer. Simply call the contact number above and request for a pickup.

Do not forget that return goods can take up to 14 days to appear on your account. If after 14 days the returned goods do not appear on your account, make inquiries concerning them using the same phone number provided above.

JD Williams Promotional Codes

0345 071 9018 The JD Williams promotional codes contact number 0345 071 9018 leads you to an access of all services concerning the company’s promotional codes.

For your information, the company offers different promotional codes on clothing, homeware, and electrical products it sells. These promotional codes vary depending on the retailer’s terms and conditions.

If you are experiencing difficulties using JD Williams promotional codes, kindly contact them using the phone number provided above. You will get a detailed guidance on how to check out with them at the end of your shopping experience.

Also, remember to verify if the promotional codes you want to utilise are valid since some might not be valid. Equally, do not forget to check on the company’s terms and conditions on the different promotional codes they offer before making inquiries.

JD Williams Group Reference

0345 071 9018 The JD Williams Group reference contact number 0345 071 9018  is used to request a referral to any of the JD Williams’ Group sister companies. These includes companies such as That’s My Style, Shoe Tailor, Julipa, among many others.

JD Williams Group International

0161 386 2091

The JD Williams Group international contact number 0161 386 2091 is useful for all clients operating outside the UK who need a clarification on the company’s services.

The number is helpful while tracking your goods on shipment or getting information concerning international deliveries.

If you have received the wrong ordered item and you reside outside the UK, seek guidance on how to return the good(s) using the retailer’s international contact number.

Similarly, you can also use the number to inquire on matters relating to your account with the company. The international customer care desk are ready to cover all your inquiries to your full satisfaction.

JD Williams Free Toll-Free

0800 072 8413

The JD Williams freephone contact number0800 072 8413 is free both on landline and mobile phone devices.

The company ensures that even in a shortage of airtime, you are still able to access its services as a customer. At JD Williams, customers are considered as the most important people in order of hierarchy.

JD Williams Head Office

0161 238 2000

JD Williams Head Office contact number 0161 238 2000 is used to channel all your queries that can be sorted out at the company’s head office.

Know that the retailer’s head office is found in Manchester. It is specifically found in Grifin House, on Level Street.

JD Williams Affiliates

0345 071 9018 The JD Williams affiliates contact number 0345 071 9018 is useful for not only the company’s existing affiliate marketers but also potential ones.

Interestingly enough, you can earn up to £8 per new customer sales under the JD Williams affiliate programme.

Suppose you are an existing member of this programme and experiencing any challenges in transaction business, use the phone number above to seek help from the retailer’s relevant authorities.

Likewise, if you are planning to join but do not know how to go about it, the same contact is useful in tackling your needs.

JD Williams Complaints

0345 071 9018 The JD Williams complaints phone number 0345 071 9018 is the means by which you can get in touch with the company’s complaints department.

In the event of dissatisfaction with services offered by JD Williams, let them know using the number. You feedback concerning poor services is very important to the company. This is because the feedback enables them to make adjustment where necessary.

Also, if you have sought a service from the retailer without getting any feedback for a long time, remind them of your inquiries using the same number. Never hesitate whenever you observe the need for improvements on different dockets covered by JD Williams.