Jet2 Contact Numbers: Customer Service, Complaints, Holidays, Emergency, Car Hire, Pre-Travel

0203 059 8336

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Service: Numbers Description

Jet2 customer service

0203 059 8336 Dial the Jet2 customer service contact number 0203 059 8336 if you have inquiries and when you need help to make a booking or amend an existing booking. Customer service representatives will answer all queries related to bookings and flights. The call centre telephone number is available for calls from Monday-Friday between 8.00 am to 9.00 pm. On the weekend, you can reach them between 9am and 6pm. Alternatively, instead of reaching out to a Jet2 customer service agent through the Jet2 holidays helpline number, you can write and send an email to [email protected] with your inquiries.

Jet2 head office

0113 238 7444 The Jet2 Headquarters office is located in Leeds, West Yorkshire. The company has operating bases in Manchester, Newcastle,Glasgow, London, East Midlands, Birmingham, Belfast, and Alicante. To speak to a Jet2 customer service agent, you can call the Jet2 head office telephone number 0113 238 7444 between Monday to Friday. The Jet2 holidays customer service number is always open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Don’t call during banking holidays or during Christmas, Boxing Day, or New Year’s Day. You can find out more about Jet2 head office contact details from the company’s official website.

Jet2 recruitment

0113 238 7440 Call the Jet2 recruitment contact number 0113 238 7440 for all career related enquiries or to make a follow up on an earlier interview. Customer representatives will handle your inquiries and put you through to the right person. You can also choose to visit this website to find out any new opportunities. From time to time, the human resource office advertises vacancies for various positions in finance, administration, marketing, engineering, ground operations, pilots, and cabin crew. Be on the look out for these opportunities if you’re interested in working with them.

Jet2 complaints

0044 20 3059 833 Call the Jet2 complaints phone number 0044 20 3059 833 whenever you want to lodge a complaint with the customer service department for a poor service, bad in-flight meals, rude flight attendant, lost luggage, or delays. Jet2 customer service agent takes customers’ complaints seriously so you can rest assured your issue will be looked at and resolved swiftly. When lodging a complaint, it’s advisable that you provide the specifics of the case as well as the date and time. As an alternative to dialling Jet2 Holidays Contact Us number, you can write an email to report an accident or illness while on Jet2 Holiday. All personal or confidential information is handled discreetly.

Jet2 emergency

0044 113 387 9501

Dial the Jet2 emergency contact number 0044 113 387 9501 whenever you need urgent help or assistance following an accident or illness while on holiday within or outside the UK. Jet2 operates a 24-hour emergency Jet2 call centre telephone number so no matter what happens, you can rest easy knowing help is only a call away.

Jet2 Reservation

0800 408 0778  Contact Jet2 Holidays customer service number 0800 408 0778 whenever you want to plan a holiday or board their flights. The Jet2 customer service agent you are in touch with will provide you with useful information regarding holiday types, destinations, deals, flights, and car hire. Go to this website to learn more about bookings, car hire, family, holidays, destinations, and travel insurance. It’s a wonderful resource that will provide you with handy information to plan your holiday.This Jet2 holidays helpline number is available 24 hours.

Jet2 Flights

0333 300 0042 Customers who need to inquire about forthcoming flights should always call the Jet2 Flights contact number 0333 300 0042. Jet2 flies to over 60 destinations and operates a sizable fleet that can take you across Europe. Customer representatives will answer your questions and provide you with information concerning a specific flight. You will also find latest updates on departures and flight status. Help is available throughout the day as long as you reach out to this Jet2 head office contact detail.

Jet2 booking


0333 300 0404 For new flight bookings or reservations in the UK, call Jet2 booking telephone number 0333 300 0404. The Jet2 customer service agent are always available to answer all your questions and address all your booking concerns as well. You can also book a flight by going to the Jet2 website. It’s free, fast, and secure to book a Jet2 flight online.

Jet2 Luggage

0292 060 1294 Have questions or queries or need assistance with flights or luggage? Contact the Jet2 holidays helpline number 0292 060 1294 and a friendly representative will handle your queries promptly and satisfactorily. Live operators are available pretty much throughout the day. So don’t hesitate to reach out whenever you need help.

Jet2 Group booking

0800 408 0779 If you’d like to make bookings of 10 people or more in the UK, please contact Jet2 group booking phone number 0800 408 0779. One of the group booking assistants will be happy to assist you. You can add seats or update your in-flight meals request several weeks to departure. Note that bookings for groups are not eligible for discounts online.

Jet2 Air

0333 300 0042 For all enquiries regarding flight-only bookings with Jet2 in the UK, please call the Jet2 call centre telephone number 0333 300 0042 with your questions. Jet2 customer representatives are friendly and will provide you with all the relevant information to plan a successful trip or holiday.

Jet2 Press Office

0113 243 1355 If you’re looking for some information from the press office, please get in touch with Jet2 Press Office Contact 0113 243 1355 with your request. The media relations officer will furnish you with the necessary information before you publish or broadcast any information in the media.

Jet2 online mobility assistance

0800 408 5591  Contact Jet2 online mobility assistance on 0800 408 5591 should you find that all the allotted online mobility assistance places have been taken. The dedicated contact centre personnel will assist you with any issue related to mobility. If you are calling from overseas, dial 0203 059 8337

Jet2 Car Hire


0800 086 8883 Looking for a quick and efficient way to travel to and fro the airport? Call Jet2 Car Hire 0800 086 8883 to book a cab for an airport transfer in the UK. You will be assisted to find a cab that will shuttle you any time of day or night.

Jet2 Operations Department

0800 408 7391 Contact Jet2 Operations Department0800 408 7391 to learn more about their operations or report a problem to the operations department. Feel free to talk to the team about your forthcoming holiday. Lines are open between 8am-7p on Monday to Friday and from 9am-6pmon Saturday.

Jet2 Changes

0333 220 2043 Jet2 makes it easy for customers to plan and amend bookings. If you would like to make a change to an earlier reservation or existing booking, contact Jet2 Holidays Helpline Number 0333 300 0042. Live operators are available throughout the week to assist you. The Jet2Holidays website is another wonderful resource to find deals, flights, make bookings, and plan your holiday.

In Resort 24/7 Customer Emergency

0113 387 9501 Whenever you are on holiday and a situation that requires medical attention or emergency assistance arises, call the In Resort 24/7 customer helpline number 0113 387 9501. The Jet2 Holiday contact us number is accessible 24/7 days, all year round. Customer service will take your case and help you find help if you need urgent evacuation or transfer.

Calling Jet2 from Germany

+49 1803 511 111 Call the dedicated Jet 2 holidays customer service number for German nationals or tourists . Calling Jet2 from Germany +49 1803 511 111 is easy to make inquiries about flights and booking. A dedicated customer service professional will answer your questions and assist you with any travel-related information. Calls may be recorded for training purposes or quality purposes.

Calling Jet2 from Spain

+34 935 452 395 Spanish nationals who want to visit the UK on tour can do so. Calling Jet2 from Spain +34 935 452 395 is the way to go when you want to make reservations or enquiries about their holiday plans. Dedicated Spanish speaking customer representatives are always on the line ready to assist customers with flight-related queries or Jet2Holidays. Feel free to check out also the Jet2 website for the latest deals and updates on flights.

Calling Jet2 from Italy

+39 199 404 023 To make enquiries or bookings from Italy, contact the Jet2 holidays helpline number, as well. Calling Jet2 from +39 199 404 023 during the normal working hours is important. An Italian speaking representative will come through to answer your questions and help you with booking. For visa related queries, talk to your embassy or consular representatives and you will be assisted.

Calling Jet2 from France

+33 821 230 203 For French nationals who want to book flights or plan their Jet2Holidays, the easiest to seek assistance is to contact the Jet2 customer service helpline. Calling Jet2 from France +33 821 230 203 is for all customers too. A Jet2 representative will take your call and provide you with all the useful information before you book your next flight. Call this number if you would like to speak to a French speaking representative of Jet2.

Calling Jet2 from Austria

+43 810 1025 1565 For Austrian nationals or tourists coming to UK for short or long holiday, the easiest way to book flights or to make inquiries is to contact Jet2 booking office directly. Calling Jet2 from Austria +43 810 1025 1565 can be achieved today so you will always find someone at the other end of the line ready to assist you. Customer service personnel will answer all your questions promptly.

Calling Jet2 from Another Country

+44 203 059 8336 International visitors or residents of other EU countries should contact customer service before any flight. Calling Jet2 from another country +44 203 059 8336 for bookings and general enquiries about Jet2Holidays is still directly through the UK helpline. Customer service representatives may not be in a position to assist you with visa-related queries. Talk to your embassy or consular office representatives. For account related queries, always have your personal details at hand. The latest flight information is always available online.

Jet2 Pre-travel services

0113 387 9501 Jet2 offers pre-travel services to all its customers. Simply call 0113 387 9501 to ask for assistance with amending your Jet2Holiday or group bookings. As a customer, you can also make changes online via the Manage My Booking area of their website. Once you log into your account, you can make cancellations (10 weeks to departure), add extras such as in-flight meals and seat reservations, update contact details, and any errors. You can also resend documents if need be.