Nisbets Contact Numbers: Customer Service, Clearance, Order Tracking, Complaints

0117 307 5606

Calls to this number cost 13p per minute plus your phone company's access charge

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Nisbets?Main Customer Service Number: 0117 307 5606


Nisbets?Customer Service Number

?0117 307 5606 Nisbets customer service agents are dedicated to serving customers. Day-in-day-out, they handle various issues raised by customers. Anytime you have an urgent issue you need to sort out, kindly contact the Nisbets?Customer Service Number 0117 307 5606. You can inquire about their products and services. The customer care team will provide you with accurate information and answer all your questions too. They are available during normal working hours. Call at any time of the day to place an order, or to make an inquiry, or to lodge a complaint. You will always find someone at the other end of the line.

If you want to obtain some information about Nisbet while in the United Kingdom, don?t look further. Contact Nisbets?Contact Number?UK 0117 307 5606 for clarification and updates on their products and service. The support team is well trained to serve the clients diligently and quickly. Normally, resolution of problems takes less than five minutes. Customers care agents are quick to answer calls. They are not limited to areas of operation which means even if you are in Southampton, London or Manchester, you?ll get assistance.

Nisbets?Discount?Code?Customer Service

0117 307 5606 ?Who doesn’t love discounts? The company price match guarantees customers a 5% discount on products. If you spot Nisbets products selling cheaper at any of Nisbets stores, the company awards a 5% discount. Don?t hesitate to contact Nisbets?Discount?Code?Customer Service 0117 307 5606 for assistance. Nisbets encourage customers to shop around its stores for cheaper deals. The company?appreciates all its customers for doing business with them. That?s why they reward customers from time to time. Be the one to get a discount today. Shop for Nisbet?s products.

Contact Nisbets?Helpline Support number to inquire about company products such as cooking equipment or hotel supplies. The Nisbets helpline number will connect you with a friendly and helpful support team. They will respond immediately to your call. If you bought an item and you need assistance to use it, don?t hesitate to reach out to the support team.

In case your expectations are not met, file a complaint with them and rest assured the issue will be ironed out.?The company takes complaints seriously. Through this helpline support number, you can also learn?their range of products and how to place an order.

Nisbets Returns Contact Number

?0117 307 5606 ?If you buy an item and you?re not happy with it, you can always return it. Nisbets offers its customers?money back guarantee within 30 days of buying a product. Contact Nisbets Returns Contact Number 0117 307 5606 to notify them that you want to return the item. Normally, this is done on the next day at the expense of the company. In case there was an item mismatch, the customer service will be happy to replace it. Customers who refund their items receive their refund within 14 days. So, don?t let small mishaps such as the delivery of wrong item trouble you. Nisbets customer service will be happy to send you a replacement at no extra cost. All you need to do is to call their offices for a refund.

Nisbets?Clearance Telephone Number

?0117 307 5606 ?Do you need end of line products at reduced prices? Then contact Nisbets clearance Number 0117 307 5606 to inquire about items that are on their clearance list. It is your only chance to get a product of your choice at a low cost. The offer stands as long as the?stock?remains. Visit Nisbets stores for a range of catering consumable such as dining tables, dining chairs, and assorted furniture. Once you find an item of choice, kindly contact Nisbets Clearance department. Feel free to make any inquiry about the products offered for the next day delivery. With their global reach, they can deliver items wherever you are. Why not call and place an order for great products at low prices? Call now and you?ll never regret the decision to shop at Nisbets.

Nisbets?Head Office Phone Number

0117 307 5606 Founded in 1983, Nisbets is a household name in the catering and the cooking equipment supply market. Nisbet’s headquarters is in Bristol, though it has offices in several countries such as Belgium, Germany, Holland, France, Spain, and Australia.

The company boasts of a wide range of products at a low cost. Customers can shop and save money on various items in their stores. Visit their online store to check their product collection. This, coupled with the 30 years experience in supplying catering equipment, ensures customers get the best quality on products. Don?t hesitate to contact Nisbets?Head Office Phone Number 0117 307 5606 and place your order. Orders are delivered within a day. In case your order is huge, expect the order to be delivered in a span of one week. The customer care provides the information to you in advance. It is always the best experience to shop with Nisbet.

Nisbets?Free Delivery Code

?0117 307 5606 ?Grab yourself kitchen consumables and get it delivered to your doorstep the same day. With Nisbets, you are guaranteed of free delivery on any order placed. You are guaranteed free delivery for order placed above $50. Just call Nisbets?Free Delivery Code 0117 307 5606 for enquiries. There are some locations where items are delivered for free despite the expiry of the January offer. So, be on the lookout to see if your area is covered. The customer service will be happy to clarify this during the normal working hours. A curious shopper naturally gets the better deal.

Nisbets?Next Day Delivery

?0117 307 5606 ?The services that the company offers have grown over the years with the 24 hours delivery among them. Contact Nisbets Next Day Delivery 0117 307 5606?and book an item of your choice for free delivery to your destination. Sometimes the product you order may take some days to be delivered The customer care representative will notify you of the same.
Feel free to inquire about any other issue regarding their products.?Nisbets is a company with many operations. In regards to products offered, compliment or complaint, kindly contact Nisbets?Phone Number today. You may also call the number to inquire about the prices or to place orders. Customer service agents will also supply you with information about their products.?In case you need to know where the company?s stores are located, call the same number.The customer care agent on call will direct you to the nearest store. You don?t want to miss that opportunity to shop at Nisbets, just check out for the information.

Nisbets?Catering Complaints

?0117 307 5606 ?From time to time, customers lodge complaints on many things. Some do so when there are delays in delivery or when they receive the wrong item. Kindly contact Nisbets?Catering Complaints in the?case of complaints. A friendly customer care agent will receive your call and address your issue immediately. The team is trained well to handle and resolve customer complaints as well as problems. If you feel you were overcharged for an item you bought at Nisbets, contact the customer care office. That should not be the reason why you should stop shopping. They will be happy to resolve the issue.
?0113 233 7050 ?Would you like to place your first order with Nisbets? It is super-easy. Kindly contact Nisbets First Order Customer Support 0113 233 7050. A friendly customer care will take you through the range of company products with their prices. If you want any item to be delivered to your place, place an order online. If you cannot find what you are looking for, the customer care agents will be happy to help you identify the products. The customer care team is helpful and will help you make the right decision. Just call them for assistance anytime, any day.

?Nisbets Order Tracking

?0117 307 5606 ?Once you place an order, you can track the progress through the Nisbet carrier. Kindly contact the Nisbets?Order Tracking 0117 307 5606 number and inquire about the status of your order. You might be asked to provide some information such as your name, item ordered or a receipt number. Once you have provided the right information, sit down and relax. You?ll receive a call from one of their delivery persons asking you to pick your item at a drop off point. Normally, items take a day to be delivered during normal working days. In the?case of large and delicate orders, this may take about 7 days.

Nisbets?Student Discount Helpline

?0117 307 5606 Are you a student? You have a great opportunity to buy items at low prices. Contact Nisbets?Student Discount Helpline 0117 307 5606?number to find out more about offers on Nisbet products. A friendly customer service agent will receive your call and inform you about available discounts. When shopping for items on discounts, you may be required to provide some of the?student’s identification details such as college ID card. It?s good if you carry your card with you. Should you need clarification on any subject relating to Nisbet products, don?t hesitate to ask for help. These offers give students a great chance to acquire catering equipment as well as household supplies at a lower cost. Help is available throughout the day.Just contact the above number.