PayPal Customer Service Number Helpline; Accounts, Collections, Fraud, Resolution Centre, Technical Support.

0800 358 7911

Calls to this number cost 13p per minute plus your phone company's access charge

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Service Numbers Description

PayPal Customer Service UK?Toll-Free

?0800 3587911 Contact PayPal customer service Number UK Toll-free, 0800 3587911?for all issues on online purchases made through PayPal. You will get assistance on all queries regarding PayPal services and accounts. Buyers and sellers can enjoy priority?customer service through this contact line. The customer service lines are available 8AM to 10PM Monday – Friday, 8AM to 9PM on Saturdays and 9AM to 6:30AM on Sunday.

PayPal Resolution Centre

?+35314369004 You can contact PayPal resolution centre phone number, +35314369004?to report an issue or problem regarding transactions made through PayPal. You can report on an item you didn’t receive, the wrong item packaged, or even when you cannot recognise a payment on the PayPal account. PayPal resolution centre helps buyers to resolve all purchase problems made anywhere through PayPal transfer.

PayPal Fraud Department

?+14029357733 Please be aware that this is an international number because the USA deals with all Paypal Fraud Department related issues. Buyers can contact?PayPal fraud department phone number,?+14029357733?to report on any suspicious activity or fraud instances experienced on their accounts or when making payments. PayPal fraud department regulates all accounts 24-hours a day and?notifies any account holder of suspicious activity on the accounts. PayPal is one of the safest and secure ways to send and receive money online. Phishing is one of the main fraud cases that account holders experience by receiving emails from con-artists intending to gain access to your account. Once you receive such suspicious emails it is advisable to contact the Paypal fraud department phone number to speak to someone directly.

PayPal Legal Department

?+14029352050 You can contact PayPal legal department phone number, +14029352050?for any concerns on insecurities regarding online PayPal transfers. PayPal Global Asset protection team was specifically established to ensure the?safe use of the online platform, enhance user experience and to closely collaborate with local police, national and international police to help apprehend and prosecute criminals. UK police officers can liaise with PayPal Global Asset Protection for assistance and records while carrying out investigations relation to PayPal.

PayPal Limitations Department

?+14029357733 You can direct your account limitation queries to PayPal limitations department through their contact number, +14029357733. Paypal account limitations were put in place to ensure the?safe use of PayPal services to PayPal buyers and sellers. Account limitation denies users abilities to perform certain actions on their accounts such as receiving money, sending or spending money. In case there is an instance that someone is accessing you account fraudulently, the PayPal team limits your account to avoid unauthorised activity. Your account can be limited due to PayPal regulatory obligations or when your activities as a seller would likely pose a problem with your payments.

When an account is limited, the account holder receives an email alert or an alert on the account view page moments after the limitation comes into effect. You can login to your PayPal account and address the alert to help resolve the limitation. You can also contact the limitation department to remove the account limitation and restore full account access.

PayPal Compliance Department

?+14029352050 Contact PayPal Compliance department phone number +14029352050,?representatives for any suspicion of lack of privacy on your PayPal account. If you suspect that your personal information is leaked out by whatever means you can call for clarification from the compliance department. PayPal is committed to privacy for all account holders. You can contact Paypal phone number staff members for clarity on privacy practices.

PayPal Technical Support

?020 8605 3000 If you made a purchase online through PayPal to a?seller, you can contact PayPal technical support phone number 020 8605 3000,?for queries on your payment details to the seller. You will be advised on any technical difficulties experienced during money transfer process.

PayPal Help Centre

?020 8181 0000 If you need help on PayPal payments, account, transfers, or report an issue you can contact PayPal help centre phone number,?020 8181 0000.

PayPal Security

?01908 847701 PayPal has set policies that offer buyers and sellers protection from online money transfer delays or on unmatched item delivered to the buyer. You can contact PayPal security phone number, 01908 847701?to report a case of delay in receiving your payment or when you do not receive the purchased item.

PayPal Assistance

??0800 3587911 If you need assistance on any PayPal related queries you can contact PayPal assistance phone number, 0800 3587911?for quick and reliable?solutions. You can get clarifications on all PayPal products and services when you call the helpline.

PayPal Collections

?020 8610 0150 If you have any issues with the collection process, contact PayPal collections phone number,?020 8610 0150 for quick resolutions with your eBay Collection. PayPal business account users can call the contact to inquire on how they can collect their business earnings. Business account holders can also acquire information on the forms they would require in order to integrate PayPal as a payment option for their customers. You can also acquire details on the total expenses that you will incur when using PayPal as the payment channel. You can ask about the fees charged to your account depending on deposits from your business.

If you are a seller on eBay, and you want to introduce PayPal as the mode of payment for your customers, you can contact the Paypal helpline for guidance on how to go about it. You can inquire about all the requirements you require for the setup through the contact line.

PayPal Corporate Headquarters

02086 100 150 You can contact PayPal corporate headquarters phone number, 02086 100 150?directly for assistance on your account. This PayPal contact number has the clearest sound quality and would be ideal for those with impaired hearing.

PayPal Merchant Services

0800 3587929 Get in touch with the PayPal merchant services phone number,?0800 3587929 for information on accounts. PayPal has two types of accounts: personal and business. Customers can call the helpline to inquire about the requirements and any document they would need to secure for them to be account holders with PayPal. You will also get resolutions to all merchant accounts queries.

If you are a merchant account holder, there are two different fees charged to your account, they are the standard fees and the merchant fees. Call the merchant services phone number to get clarity on standard fees or merchant fees charged to your account. You will also get more clarification on the difference of these kinds of charges and the reasons why you are charged the fees.

If you are yet to open a Paypal merchant account, you might need to call for a deeper explanation and advice on the best account that suits your business needs. You can also call this number if you would need to integrate PayPal with your site if you are a PayPal merchant. You can acquire more information on how to setup PayPal buttons on your site, how to add users to your account, how to change your shipping address and to edit your contact details.

PayPal Debit Card Customer Service

?020 8610 0150 Call the PayPal debit card customer service phone number, 020 8610 0150?for queries on your PayPal debit MasterCard. You can make requests through this helpline to have?your debit MasterCard limits increased. You can also get help on how to cancel on those?payments made and you cannot contact the merchant. If you own any of these PayPal services, PayPal Extras MasterCard, PayPal Smart Connect account or PayPal Platinum MasterCard you can have your queries solved on the call.

PayPal Account Customer Service

?0800 9152251 If you own an account holder with PayPal, you can contact PayPal account service phone number, 0800 9152251?for all queries relating to your PayPal account ranging from withdrawals, deposits, transfers, account limitations, account types, fees and on any charges.

PayPal Complaints

0800 3587929 You can raise a complaint on this PayPal complaints phone number, 0800 3587929. You will have a customer service agent attend to you with full attention. This is a direct line that you can use to relay any issue and it will be resolved satisfactorily. You can raise a complaint about PayPal payment service or if you are dissatisfied with the PayPal customer service you received.

PayPal Dispute Resolution

0800 358 7920 A dispute may result due to human error, a misunderstanding or an issue with the purchase order. You can contact PayPal dispute resolution phone number, 0800 358 7920?for assistance in resolving the dispute or perform any reversal of charges incurred?erroneously. PayPal dispute team helps buyers and sellers arrive at?a solution or agreement on the dispute.

PayPal Bill Pay

020 8181 0000 Get in touch with PayPal bill pay phone number, 0800 358 7920?for assistance on your PayPal credit card queries. You will get solutions on how to pay with PayPal credit card, how to use the credit card on eBay, how to apply for PayPal credit card, how to pay your PayPal credit bill, increasing the credit line with PayPal credit and all queries on bill payments using?PayPal.