Phase Eight Contact Numbers: Customer Service, Bluewater, Student Discount, Tracking, Returns

0207 471 4422

Calls to this number cost 13p per minute plus your phone company's access charge

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Phase Eight Main Customer Service Number: 0207 471 4422

Service Number Description

Phase Eight Customer Service

0207 471 4422 The Phase Eight customer service number?0207 471 4422 is open to all customers in search of different details from the company.

For your information, Phase Eight is a leading fashion retailer exclusively dealing with ladies’ clothes. These include; occasionwear, shoes, accessories, and all sorts of clothing to suit different types of tastes. Furthermore, the fashion retailer also offers style advice to boost the choice of its customers in search of the most suitable clothes for different occasions.

Most of Phase Eight’s customers have registered accounts with them. Regardless, of this fact, customers are free to consult with the company anytime they need clarifications from them.

In case you are a customer with general inquiries about buying online, simply call the Phase Eight Dresses customer service number from where you will get clear guidelines. On a different note

On a different note, use the number to ask for clear directions in finding the company’s store location. With the above contact number, you do not need to keep search of any store. The directions to the company’s different store locations are attainable at the touch of a button.

Finally, do not hesitate to channel any other inquiry you have with the company. The customer care desk is ready to respond to your inquiries until you are fully satisfied.

Phase Eight Jobs

0207 471 4422 The Phase Eight jobs?0207 471 4422 number is open to all career aspirants with the aim of being part of the retailer’s creative and innovative experts.

As a matter of fact, the company continually supports and promotes growth in different career fields. These not only includes managerial fields but also retailing and other commerce related career paths.

As you apply for any of the vacant posts announced by the fashion retailer, there are a few important things to gave in mind. These include possessing excellent business acumen, communication, and organisational skills. Additionally, your excellent skills must be coupled up with a thorough understanding of the industry. Bearing all these in mind, you stand the chance making an excellent career profile at Phase Eight.

Phase Eight Voucher Codes

0207 471 4422 The Phase Eight voucher codes customer service?0207 471 4422 number is open to all customers with queries regarding the company’s voucher codes.

In a bid to promote all its customer, the fashion retailer offers different voucher codes which buys can check out with after completing their online purchases. By checking out with these voucher codes, buyers get to cut on their costs of purchase, thereby saving on their budget.

In case you have come across Phase Eight’s voucher codes and do not know how to use them, ask for a clear guideline using the above contact number.

On the other hand, use the Phase Eight Dresses phone number to ask for clarifications concerning the sources of their voucher codes. This is if at you have come across their voucher codes on a site that you do not trust. They will make things clear on the validity of the voucher codes you came across.

On a different note, call for assistance in addressing the challenges experienced while trying to use the voucher codes. For example, you might have checked out with a valid discount voucher code yet the discount prices are not reflecting on your receipt.

No matter the inquiry you have regarding the company’s voucher codes, you will certainly get well covered.

Phase Eight Head Office

0207 471 4422 Call the Phase Eight Head Office contact?0207 471 4422 number in case you have an issue you feel should be tackled by the company’s top management.

The company’s team based at its head office have a desire to deliver great results to all clients. This is because the success of the company entirely depends on their commitment towards making sure that all customers are satisfied with the services they receive.

For your information, Phase Eight’s Headquarters is addressed at:

  • 21 Carnwath Road
  • Fulham
  • Great London
  • United Kingdom

Help the company fulfil its full potential by calling their headquarters and giving them your piece of mind.

Phase Eight Bluewater Phone Number

o132 238 5316

Use the Phase Eight Bluewater phone number?o132 238 5316 to make your different inquiries at the company’s Bluewater store.

In case you have visited Bluewater for an ultimate shopping experience, the company still assures you of its presence to offering a shopping experience that exceeds expectations.

At its Bluewater store, the company still provides all that pertains to ladies’ fashion latest trends. These include exclusive designs, beautiful fabric, and unique prints in a myriad of colours.

Finally, if you happen to have lost your direction while in search of Phase Eight’s store at Bluewater, remember the company’s store is located at:

  • The Rose Gallery Mall
  • Upper Floor
  • Near John Lewis
  • Parking: The Rose Gallary Parking

Phase Eight Student Discount Helpline

0207 471 4422 The Phase Eight student discount helpline?0207 471 4422 is open to any students with questions pertaining to student’s discounts offers.

Firstly, students can use the number to ask for details regarding any student’s discount offers at disposal by the company. By knowing such offers, students can take advantage of them to minimise the costs of their budget.

Secondly, students can use the Phase Eight helpline support to ask how they can check out with the various discounts availed to them. This is if at all a student is experiencing challenges in checking out with the discounts.

Finally, it is good to note that Phase Eight recognises the importance of students in the society. It is as a result of this recognition that the company promotes the future generation with different students’ discounts.

Phase Eight Tracking

0207 471 4422 With Phase Eight tracking?0207 471 4422 number, you are bound to know the status of your goods after they have been dispatched for delivery.

The company delivers through a courier service and needs a signature for every delivery made. In regards to the same, the fashion retailer delivers goods bought by clients to BFPO addresses.

As for the students, this might sound a bit unlucky as the fashion retailer does not deliver to university addresses.

Whenever you request for a delivery of your purchased goods from the company to a business address, have in mind that they deliver only up to the first floor. The courier cannot deliver to any other floors.

Additionally, as you request for deliveries of goods purchased from the company, always familiarise yourself with their delivery terms and policies. It is also important to know the areas they cover and their different delivery charges to various destinations.

Phase Eight Return Address

0207 471 4422 Use the Phase Eight return address?0207 471 4422 number to launch your inquiries on the addresses which you can deliver your return goods.

For your information, the return of full price items should be made within 28 days after purchase. On the other hand, sales items should be returned within 14 days of receipt. Also, all purchases must be returned in original condition and packaging.

It is important to note that returns can be made to either a post office address or a Phase Eight Store. This is regardless of whether the purchases have been made within the UK or internationally.

In the case of UK-based purchases, goods bought online can only be returned to any of Phase Eight’s stand alone stores. On the other hand, goods bought at any of the company’s stand-alone stores can be returned to a postal address or the company’s store.

As for the international purchases, the return addresses vary depending on the geographical region the buyer is situated. The countries whose returns are only covered by postal addresses include America, Australia, and Ireland. On another note, Swiss buyers are eligible to make their returns to the company’s stand-alone stores.

Phase Eight Internship Customer Service

0207 471 4422 Call the Phase Eight internship customer service?0207 471 4422 number for inquiries regarding the topic.

In a bid to nature different career skills, the company avails different internship opportunities to its customers.

Therefore, if you have any inquiries regarding internship customer services, simply call the above number. The Phase Eight Dress customer service desk are ready to answer all your questions. Whether you want to secure an internship opportunity or just make general inquiries about internships.

Phase Eight UK Express Delivery

0207 471 4422 Call the Phase Eight UK Express Delivery?0207 471 4422 number for all inquiries about deliveries. For your information, the company send UK Express Delivery by DX.

Firstly, use the Phase Eight Dresses phone number to inquire about the charges of the express delivery to your destination. While doing this, have in mind that the company is unable to offer express deliveries on some areas due to some restrictions. Therefore, it is important you confirm whether your are is liable.

Secondly, use the number to track your express the status of your express deliveries with the company. This is helpful in knowing when your delivery will arrive for picking.

Thirdly, call the number to inform the company if you will not be in to receive the express delivery. By doing this, they will make the deliveries to your neighbour in case you allow them to do so.

Finally, in case you have not received your express deliveries within the stipulated times, you can confirm on the status using the above number.