Plusnet Contact Numbers: Customer Service, Technical Support, Complaints, Cancellations, Leeds

0800 432 0200

Calls to this number cost 13p per minute plus your phone company's access charge

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Service Number Description

Plusnet Customer Services

0800 432 0200


Plusnet customer services?0800 432 0200 is the number that gets your access to the company customer care desk.

Plusnet is one of UK’s leading communications services provider. The company provides great value broadband, phone, TV, and mobile services.

Since its birth in 1997, the company is driving and committed to providing great value deals as well as customer services.

Because of the value, they have for their customers, Plusnet does not compromise when it comes to listening to their customers.

In case you have subscribed to any of the above services offered by the company you can contact regarding the following:

  • Broadband queries such as deliveries, settings, upgrade or change.
  • Phone queries such as information about a phone package, phone problems, adding or changing a phone package.
  • TV queries such as problems with the TV service.
  • Mobile queries, for example, Plusnet mobile orders, billing, mobile transfer, and upgrades.
  • Account and billing inquiries. For example, payments and renewals.

Furthermore, if you have any other inquiries apart from the ones listed above, do not feel left out. Simply call the company and they will get you sorted.

Plusnet Referral

0800 432 0200


Use the Plusnet contact number?0800 432 0200 to make inquiries or request any of the company’s services.

Ask for customer related inquiries regarding the companies communication services if you are already a customer.

On the other hand, you can ask for a referral to the company’s sales team if you are thinking of joining other Plusnet customers. They will take you through their products and a successful signup process.

Additionally, you can use the number to make other uncategorical inquiries among them being jobs, press, partner, and commercial inquiries.

Plusnet Support

0800 432 0200 The Plusnet helpline support?0800 432 0200 lets you seek assistance from the company regarding any inquiries you have with them.

Contact the helpline support desk if you need assistance with:

  • Broadband services. For example, troubleshooting broadband issues, WiFi, setting up and using Plusnet router, domain hosting, and safety and security.
  • Phone services such as; troubleshooting phone issues and nuisance calls.
  • TV services. These include; TV error codes, setting up and general TV help, picture, sound, channels, equipment, among others.
  • Mobile services such as; setting up, and safety and security.
  • Help with your account. This can be in the form of billing, leaving Plusnet, or business services.

Furthermore, the company is ready to answer any of your questions. This is despite them not being mentioned in any of the above categories.

Plusnet Customer Care Desk

0800 432 0200 The Plusnet phone number?0800 432 0200 gets you in touch with the company’s customer care desk.

Firstly, use the number to seek help concerning any of the company’s services. Plusnet is a leading communication services provider in the UK. If you are already subscribed to any of their services such as broadband, TV, mobile, or phone and having difficulties managing them, use the above number to seek guidance.

Secondly, get in touch with the company’s sales team if you are planning to subscribe to any of their services. They will take you through a simple guide about their different communication offers.

Plusnet Business

0800 389 7854



The Plusnet business contact phone number?0800 389 7854 is specifically open for the company’s business customers. Therefore, if you belong to the company’s business customers, use the number to inquire about customers services, sales, and technical support.

For over 18 years, the company has been working with and supporting different businesses. When it comes to phone and broadband business deals, Plusnet ranks among UK’s fastest, cheap, and reliable source. The company is willing to keep you competitive regardless of the field you are practising.

Plusnet Recruitment

0345 140 0200


Use the Plusnet recruitment contact number?0345 140 0200 should a future vacancy be announced by the company.

If you fancy working with the company, they have got great opportunities for the right people. The company supports different career paths among them being:

  • The customer service centre.
  • Software engineering & IT operations.
  • Commercial & Marketing.
  • Billing.
  • Human Resource.
  • Legal & Compliance.
  • Projects & Business.
  • Finance.

If you are a career person in any of these fields, you have the opportunity to jump into an exciting and fast-paced environment whenever a vacancy is announced by the company.

Plusnet Head Office

?0800 432 0200 The Plusnet Head Office contact number?0800 432 0200 gets you in touch with the company refurbished headquarters in Sheffield city centre.

The company’s head office is the host to engineering & operations, finance, legal, and marketing departments. In case you have an issue covered by any of the above-mentioned departments, call the number above and ask for assistance.

Furthermore, getting to the company’s head office does not require the whole world to do so. This is because Sheffield boasts of an excellent transport link. With public buses and super-tram networks. The great railway and motorway links make your reach close to M1 and National Rail Connections near where the company’s head office is located. Specifically, the company’s head office is addressed at:

  • The Balance
  • 2 Pinfold Street
  • Sheffield
  • S1 2GU

Plusnet Abroad

+44 345 140 0200 The Plusnet contact number from abroad?+44 345 140 0200 lets customers keep in touch with the company even when outside the UK. Therefore, the company’s customer support desk is accessible from abroad.

Plusnet Technical Support

0345 140 0200


Call Plusnet technical support phone number?0345 140 0200 to get in touch with the company’s technical team.

Firstly, the company’s technical team are ready to help you solve issues pertaining to your broadband. This can be in the form of setting up your broadband, upgrading it, or changing its package.

Secondly, contact them if you need technical support with their TV services.

Thirdly, reach them if you need help with their mobile services.

Finally, if the technical support you require has not been specified above, do not feel left out. The company takes care of all the technical support requested by their customers.

Plusnet Complaints

0800 432 0200 Use the Plusnet complaints phone number?0800 432 0200 to get in touch with the company’s complaints desk.

In case you have already contacted Plusnet and dissatisfied with and unhappy with the support they provided, kindly raise a complaint using the above phone number. They will do their best to make things right within 5 working days.

In addition, you can visit the company’s complaints code of practice to familiarise yourself with how to raise different complaints before contacting them. This is found on their website. Among the contents found in the company’s complaints code of practice include:

  • How to complain about broadband, home phone, and other home and offices services.
  • How to complain about mobile services.
  • What the company will do and when.
  • What to do if you are still unhappy even after raising a complaint.

Plusnet Cancellation

0330 123 9197


Use the Plusnet cancellation phone?0330 123 9197 number to terminate your subscriptions with the company. This can be either on a temporary or a permanent basis.The company is always sad to see customers leave.

However, if you want to leave the company because you feel you need more data, minutes, or a new phone, the company can provide an alternative option for you. Just give them a call and they might be able to change your plan to something that suits you best.

Plusnet Service Status

0800 917 6714


Use the Plusnet service status phone number?0800 917 6714?to report any anomalies detected in the services you have subscribed with the company.

Furthermore, you can always check on the current status of the company’s network on their website. May it be broadband, phone, email, or TV networks. If what has been provided online does not match what you are experiencing on ground, kindly contact the company so that their technical team is put in place to sort you out.

Plusnet Internet

0800 013 2632


Use the Plusnet internet phone number?0800 013 2632 to make inquiries and ask for the company’s internet services.

Before striking a deal with the company for them to provide you with internet services, you can ask for clarifications using the above phone number. They will guide you through the different deals they offer and possible advice on the best deal to pick on depending on your internet consumption.

Additionally, if you are already subscribed to the company’s internet services and need an upgrade or experiencing some problem with your connection; you can still reach them using the same number.

Plusnet Leeds

0800 432 0200 The Plusnet Leeds phone number 0800 432 0200?gets customers in touch with the company’s Leeds office. The office hosts the company’s overperforming customer support and sales team.

Specifically, the office is addressed at:

  • 17 Marlborough Street
  • Leeds
  • LS1 4PG

Plusnet Toll-free

0800 432 0200 The Plusnet phone number toll-free 0800 432 0200 does not cost any charge both on mobile and landline phones. Apparently, this is the number through which customers access most of the company’s services.

These include; customer services, helplines, customer support, among many other services offered by the company. Customers can, therefore, access the company’s services even under circumstances they have no airtime to make calls. This number is provided by the company in a bid to make sure that all its customers get access to their services with minimum interruptions.