Post Office Currency Contact Numbers: Customer Service, Converter Euro to Pounds, Transfer, Delivery Time, Buy Back Guarantee

0345 611 2970

Calls to this number cost 13p per minute plus your phone company's access charge

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Service Number Description

Post Office: Currency Customer Service Number,

Exchange Opening Times,

Delivery Time Support Helpline, and

Home Delivery.

?0345 611 2970 Use the Post Office Currency customer service number, exchange opening times, delivery time support, and home delivery 0345 611 2970 helpline to get in touch with UK’s largest retailer and financial services network.

At Post Office Currency, they aspire to be at the very heart of the customer’s choice. And it is because of this that they work round the clock to provide essential services to every person in the land.

For your information, Post Office Currency provides products under the following pillars:

  • Malls and Retails.
  • Financial Services.
  • Government Services.
  • Telephony.

Feel free to contact them for assistance in any of the above-listed services.

  • On a different note, use the very same number to ask about the hours between which to transact business.

In order to meet customer demands, some post offices are open between 0730 hrs and 1030 hrs. You can check in with them for your currency exchanges between those times.

On the other hand, the corporate advises for placing of online orders before 1500 hrs on working days. Whenever you place your online currency exchange order before 1500 hrs, deliveries are likely to arrive not later than the next working day.

  • On the same note, use the number on inquiries about delivery time. It is open to all the corporate’s customers with online orders.

All customers who placed online currency orders and requested for delivery at their homes can use the number to check the status of their orders.

Also, customers can use the number to report delivery orders which have not been received within the specified time spans.

Additionally,? a customer can use the number to inform Post Office Currency of his or her absence during the expected delivery times. This will help the corporate come up with other means of ensuring that your deliveries do not land in the wrong hands.

  • Equally, use the number to inquire about home deliveries by the company. The Post Office phone number is open to all customers who requested home deliveries from the company.

For your information, the corporate can deliver money to your home if your prefer them to do so. Their home delivery orders are sent using Royal Mail Special Delivery Guarantee ? by 1300 hrs.

The good news is that for all home deliveries of ? 500 or over, the deliveries are free. On the other hand, for those deliveries under ? 500, there is a small delivery charge of ? 4.99.

Finally, use the above contact number to inquire about the status of your delivery in case it has surpassed the times stated by the company.

Post Office Currency Rates Today Customer Service

0330 828 0881 Call the Post Office Currency rates today customer service number?0330 828 0881 for all the information about the latest currency rates.

As a matter of fact, the corporate is know to be one of UK’s best foreign exchange retailer. This is evident in their number of currency exchange they carry out. With an average of a transaction every four seconds, they surely rank among UK’s best.

In case you have an inquiry regarding their latest exchange rates, do not hesitate to get in touch with them using the above phone number.

Post Office:

Currency Sale Number, and Currency Payment

0330 123 3690 The Post Office Currency sale number?0330 123 3690 is open to all customer who would like to sell their foreign currency in exchange for the local currency.

As long as you make your order for the currency you want to sell before 1500 hrs on a working day, they won’t slow you down.

Furthermore, use the number to contact them in case you cannot locate a branch near you to facilitate your currency sales. The company has over 11500 branches across the UK. Therefore, this means that you will get a fast referral to their nearest branch.

  • Similarly, use the helpline for assistance on matters pertaining to payments.

Whether you want to make payments locally or abroad but do not know the right procedures to do so, ask for help using the Post Office Currency helpline above.

Additionally, use the number to inquire about the payment charges before officiating any of your transactions. With the value it upholds for customers, the corporate will make sure that all your payment inquiries get well covered.

Post Office Currency Converter Euros to Pounds Support

0345 746 8469 Use the Post Office Currency converter Euros to pounds support?0345 746 8469 helpline to ask for assistance regarding the issue.

For your information, the corporate has an online currency converting system. Whenever you face challenges using the system, do not hesitate to contact them for help.

Their customer support team do not slow customers down. They ensure that any inquiry including those related to currency conversions are addressed within the shortest time possible.

On the other hand, use the number to ask for a referral to their nearest branch where you can get assistance on the Euros to Pounds conversions.

Post Office Currency Card Login Helpline

0800 316 0586


Call the Post Office Currency Card Login Helpline?0800 316 0586 for assistance regarding your log in details.

In case you have forgotten your card login details and need to recover them, this is the number to call. The corporate’s customer support team are ready to assist you to recover the details and resume normal operations as fast as possible.

Additionally, use the number to report lost or stolen card. This is important in keeping away intruders from possibly using your card for illegal activities.The number is open for calls 24 hours in per day.

Post Office Currency Transfer, and

Minimum Amount Support

0800 180 4809 Call Post Office Currency transfer and minimum support amount 0800 180 4809 number for all inquiries about currency transfer and minimum support amount transactions.

Firstly, use the number to make inquiries about local currency transfers via the corporate.

Secondly, use the number to inquire about international currency transfers through the leading financial corporate.

Whatever the case, Post Office Currency are ready to give you a step to step guide in order to successfully facilitate your currency transfers.

It is important that you have essential details such as your ID number while making currency transfer inquiries. All the details of the recipient are also vital in this transaction.

  • On the same note, call the helpline for all questions about their minimal supported amounts.

Firstly, the number is open to customers who would like to know the minimum currency amount they can buy or sell through the corporate.

Secondly, customers can also inquire about the minimum amount of currency they can transfer either locally or internationally.

Regardless of your inquiries, the corporate’s customer support team are ready to give you the right feedback you need. They provide sufficient information to all customers who would like to know any minimum amount of transactions allowed by them.

Post Office Currency Credit Card Customer Service

0345 722 3344


The Post Office Currency credit card customer service?0345 722 3344 phone number is open to all customers with inquiries concerning credit cards.

In case you are experiencing challenges using your credit card, kindly let the company know using the above contact number.

On a different note, use the number to report a lost or stolen credit card. This will let the company block any illegal transactions that might be made using the card.

Likewise, you can as well suggest an improvement that the company should make on its credit card services. The corporate highly cherishes customer views and opinions.

Post Office Currency Debit Card Charge Customer Support

0203 162 8080 Use the Post Office Currency debit card charge customer support?0203 162 8080 number to inquire about debit card charges.

Debit card inquiries can come in different forms depending on what a customer wants to inquire about. For example, it can be a general inquiry about the different debit card charges imposed by the corporate.

On a different note, the inquiry can be about discrepancies realised in already transacted charges. Regardless of your debit card charge inquiry, the company has got you covered.

Post Office Currency Buy Back Guarantee

0800 169 7500 Call the Post Office Currency buy back guarantee helpline?0345 611 2970 for assistance regarding the topic.

Whenever you suspect that you will not spend all your exchanged foreign currency, you have the chance to ask for a buy back guarantee from the corporate.

If you encounter challenges in initiating the buy back guarantee from Post Office Currency, kindly contact them using the above number. They are ready to give you a step by step guideline on how to successfully obtain a buy back guarantee. They will at the end of your transactions buy back any foreign currencies you did not use.

Post Office Currency Refund

?0300 123 9123 Call the Post Office Currency refund??0300 123 9123 number for all your refunds-related inquiries.

Sometimes, you can get overcharged or undercharged by the company during your currency exchange transactions.

If you have been overcharged, simply dial the number and make your claims known to the corporate. They will verify the validity of your claims and organise for a refund.

On the other hand, in case you have been undercharged, make the reports using the very same number and organise how you can make the refunds.

Finally, you can also check the status of your refunds using the same number if there have been delays than anticipated.