Swiftcover Insurance Contact Numbers: Customer Service, Helpline Support, Home Insurance Policy, General Claims, Finance and Payments

0371 984 3333

Calls to this number cost 13p per minute plus your phone company's access charge

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Service Numbers Description

Swiftcover Insurance Customer Service

0371 984 3333 For all general queries regarding customer service and claims, call the Swiftcover insurance customer service phone number 0371 984 3333.

Swiftcover is a highly successful and trusted insurer within the UK insurance market which offers many useful benefits over its traditional rivals. As a customer, you get the benefits of insuring with a young dynamic online company with all the benefits of insuring with the world’s largest insurance organisation.

The Swiftcover customer care team can be contacted from Monday to Friday- 8 am to 6 pm and Saturday 9 am to 12 noon (Sundays and public holidays closed). Emergency support is available at all other times.

Swiftcover UK

0371 984 3333 If you’re within the UK and wants to know more about the Swiftcover services and products, get connected with the Swiftcover contact number UK?0371 984 3333.

In the case, if you need to buy a car, travel or home insurance call them and get your queries answered. The customer care team may ask for your personal information.

Swiftcover Insurance Support

0330 024 6423 Be in touch with this Swiftcover insurance helpline support number 0330 024 6423?when you need the right information or help on the services they provide.

With this number, you can make inquiries including insurance, breakdown cover, complaints and other services. You may call this number if you are unsatisfied with the Swiftcover insurance services.

When calling you may raise your queries related to the cover services, the payments terms and methods and stopping automatic renewal for your cover policy.

The Swiftcover insurance helpline support number is open during the office hours.

Swiftcover Insurance Home Insurance Policy

0330 024 6423 If you have questions about your home insurance policy and its different extension, you can call the Swiftcover Insurance phone number for home insurance policy?0330 024 6423.

They entertain general questions about your home insurance policy, cancellation of premiums, levels of coverage, and policy agreements.

Swiftcover?s home insurance policy is briefly discussed in the policy summary which you can download online. However, if you want to read all of the details you will need the policy wording. You will receive this after you have availed of the premiums.

The home insurance policy covers your building and its contents. You may also avail of the different policy extensions that they have like the bicycle cover, garden cover, home assistance, personal possessions, family legal protection and identity theft.

You can also use this phone number to submit your complaints about your premiums. You can call this hotline during the opening hours except for public holidays.

Swiftcover Car Insurance

0330 024 6394 ?In order to understand the Swiftcover car insurance policy and for all general queries including cancellations and payments on car insurance, you may call the Swiftcover Car Insurance Phone Number 0330 024 6394.

The different types of car insurance policy of Swiftcover include the protection against uninsured drivers, and paying for the damaged parts of the car.

This hotline can be used to settle concerns about your insurance premium. You can also use the hotline to inquire about topics like car insurance quote, coverage options queries, and discussion of policy summary, levels of policy and how to claim policies.

In calling the hotline, you need to prepare your National Insurance number for faster and hassle free transaction.

Swiftcover Car Insurance No Claims Discount (NCD) Queries

0330 024 6408 In order to qualify for the NCD, you are required to meet the set of requirements so you can make a claim.? To inquire if you can avail of the NCD, you may call this Swiftcover Car Insurance Contact Number for No Claims Discount Queries 0330 024 6408.

Drivers who did not claim from their car insurance policies are entitled to receiving discounts in their annual insurance premiums because they are cheaper to cover.

Swiftcover Car Insurance General Claims

0371 984 3333

?To find out more about how much you would be able to claim from your insurance premium and how you will be able to make claims, it would be best to call this Swiftcover Car Insurance Number for General Claims ?0371 984 3333?straight away.

The car insurance policy of Swiftcover is available in three kinds of coverage. They are the comprehensive policy, the third party and theft and the optional services. The policy wording details the complete information regarding the amount of money you can claim.

The relevant contact number is open to receive your calls 24/7. Alternatively, visit the official site.

Swiftcover Insurance Car Insurance Finance and Payments


0330 024 6409

The Swiftcover Insurance Car Insurance Contact Number for Finance and Payments 0330 024 6409?will be the best number to reach out to for questions about payment terms and methods, debit or credit card set up for your account, application for cancellation charge, and stopping automatic renewal for your insurance policy.

Swiftcover Car Insurance Car Glass Claims

0330 024 6399 ?To make claims for your damaged car glass, and to inquire about how much you will be able to get from your insurance policy for damaged sunroof, windshield and window and how you can claim the money for the damage, you will need to call the Swiftcover Car Insurance Telephone Number for car glass claims ?0330 024 6399.

By having a windscreen cover, Swiftcover replaces your broken windshield and windows without affecting your NDC. They will provide you with their approved auto glass supplier to help you with your broken windshield.

They are open to taking your call any time of the day, 7 days a week.

Swiftcover Insurance General Claims for House Policy Holders

0330 024 8092 To make general inquiries about your claims for your home insurance policy, you may call this Swiftcover Insurance Phone Number for general claims for house policy holders? 0330 024 8092?during the office hours.


Swiftcover Insurance Family Legal Protection

0330 024 8076 To know more about this policy extension, and to access their 24-hour legal helpline, you may call the Swiftcover insurance contact number for family legal protection 0330 024 8076.

Aside from offering house insurance policy, Swiftcover also provides extended options like the Family Legal Protection.

This policy extension covers expenses that your family may incur due to legal cases brought up against an individual or group that harmed your family.

Swiftcover Insurance House Insurance Identity Theft

0330 024 8077 ?If you think you are a victim of identity theft and you have availed of the extension of this home insurance policy, then you may call Swiftcover insurance number for home insurance identity theft 0330 024 8076?to ask about the necessary steps that you need to do.

Swiftcover offers an extended house insurance policy for identity theft.If you haven?t availed of this extension then you can submit your inquiries about how to avail of them and discuss the specific conditions that you need to meet in order to make a policy claim to this Swiftcover House Insurance Helpline.

If you haven?t availed of this extension then you can submit your inquiries about how to avail of them and discuss the specific conditions.

Swiftcover Insurance Inquiries About Finance and Payments

0330 024 6427

Having any problem with the payments services? just dial the Swiftcover Home Insurance Number for inquiries about finance and payments 0330 024 6427?to manage your payment and pricing queries.

Find out about the different payment options and terms of your house policy by contacting Swiftcover insurance team members.

Swiftcover Emergency Breakdown Assistance

0800 107 7006 ?We know you’re busy. To save your time you may call the Swiftcover helpline for emergency breakdown assistance number 0800 107 7006?for further emergency help and support.

Swiftcover also offers policies for the breakdown.? This policy includes the Swift Roadside, Swift Rescue, Swift Rescue and Home Assist, and Swift European.

Once you have subscribed to the policy, you are advised to print out your policy wording and bring it along with you in your car.

This will be convenient in times when your car breaks down and you need roadside assistance. Present this to the attending mechanic from Swiftcover and they will fix your car according to the policy that you have signed.

Therefore, feel free to call the emergency assistance helpline any time of the day.