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0330 099 3000

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 Service  Number  Description

Vanquis Bank Customer Service

0330 099 3000 If you have any questions or concerns regard to Vanquis credit card, you can call the Vanquis Bank customer service number 0330 099 3000. Their customer support team will give answers to your all questions. If you want to apply for a new Vanquis credit card or manage the repayment on your account, simply get in touch with the Vanquis Bank customer helpline. Being a leading finance company in the UK, Vanquis Bank offers Visa credit cards to people who have a bad credit history to get credit. It is a subsidiary of UK-based Provident Financial Group, which was formed in the year of 2002. It helps the people to improve their credit scores as quickly as possible. Vanquis credit cards are in partnership with Visa Inc, which is an American multinational financial services corporation. To get more information about Vanquis Bank, you can visit their official website.

Vanquis Bank London

0800 023 4567

If you have any complaints and queries regarding the Vanquis Bank services, then call to the Vanquis Bank London phone number 0800 023 4567. Here you can talk with the customer care executive, who will give answers to all your questions that you have about their services. This Vanquis Bank contact us telephone number can be used by all existing customers, as well as those who are keen to become a new customer. If you want to lodge a complaint against Vanquis Bank customer care services, you can call this number.

Vanquis Bank Online Application

0330 099 3000  Call to Vanquis Bank customer helpline number 0330 099 3000 for any inquiries or concerns that you may have with the Vanquis card, or having issues in completing your online application. If you have bad credit history and you want to improve your credit rating, you can immediately contact this Vanquis Bank Contact Us Phone Number. They will assist you with the right advice on which card is best for you as well as assist you in submitting your application. The existing customers can contact through this number to get information related to your account or report the lost/stolen card. The Vanquis Bank customer helpline is available from 8 am to 8 pm, Monday through Friday and 9 am to 5.30 pm on Saturdays. Closed on Sunday and bank holidays.

Vanquis Bank Balance

0330 099 3000 If you have a bad credit and you would like to contact Vanquis Bank customer services for assistance, then you can dial the Vanquis Bank Balance Phone number 0330 099 3000. The customer support team of the Vanquis Bank is always eager to resolve your queries. You can call the Vanquis Bank customer support team if you are facing difficulties in applying for the Vanquis Bank credit card and have any queries about your application. If you want to repay your credit card payment or if your card has been lost or stolen and you want to cancel it. You can ask them to make a new card.

Vanquis Bank Headquarters Contact

0330 099 3002 If you have any complaints regarding the service offered by Vanquis Bank then you can call the Vanquis Bank headquarters contact telephone number 0330 099 3002. Here you will be able to talk to a customer care representative, who will answer all your questions and resolve your matters. The Vanquis customer support team will guide you on how to do this. If you prefer to write, you can send your handwritten complaint to the Vanquis Bank postal address:

Vanquis Bank Limited,
Customer Action Team,
PO Box 399, Chatham,
ME4 4WQ.

Vanquis Bank Gold

0162 323 2323 If you have any query, complaint, suggestion, feedback and reviews related to Vanquis Gold products and services then you can communicate through Vanquis Bank Gold Contact Number 0162 323 2323. The Vanquis Bank is committed to fulfilling their customer requirements. They always strive to resolve their complaints in timely. Being a responsible lender and famous credit card company in the UK, Vanquis Bank aims to provide a credit extension that best suits your necessities and ability to manage your account. If you are a new customer, then you can start with an easy to handle credit limit between £150 and £1,000. If you want to increase your credit limit, you can call the Vanquis Bank customer helpline provided above.

Vanquis Bank Personal Loans

0330 099 3000 If you want to apply for Vanquis Bank personal loans, you can communicate with a customer representative by dialling the Vanquis Bank contact us telephone number 0330 099 3000. The Vanquis Bank offers an extensive variety of credit cards to cater to your requirements. It is very simple to apply for Vanquis credit card. You need to fill an online application by visiting their website. This will take a few minutes to complete. You don’t need to pay anything to apply for a credit card. When your application is assessed by Vanquis Bank, your conditions will be taken into consideration. In case, you change your mind, after approving the credit card, you can cancel it within 15 days by contacting Vanquis Bank customer support team. You will have to pay them outstanding credit or interest on your account balance within 30 days. For more information, you can visit Vanquis Bank official website.

Vanquis Bank Loan

0800 781 9660 If you want to active your credit card, you can call the Vanquis Bank Loan Helpline 0800 781 9660 toll- free number. Once your credit card application has been accepted. The Vanquis Bank will send you a new card and welcome offer to your home address. After receiving the credit card, you need to call this number to confirm receipt number and activate your card.

Vanquis Bank Free Phone Number

0800 783 9003 If you want to report for your lost, stolen or damaged card, you can get in touch with Vanquis Bank Free Phone Number 0800 783 9003. If you are calling from outside the United Kingdom, you can contact on the international number of Vanquis Bank. This number is available 24 hours every day of a week.

Vanquis Bank Pay By Phone

0330 099 3010 If you want to know about Vanquis Bank Pay by Phone option offered by the company, call Vanquis Bank customer helpline 0330 099 3010. This number available from 8 am – 9 pm Monday to Friday and 9 am – 5.30 pm Saturday. You can make an online payment by using your debit card through your account by clicking on the web page “Pay My Card” link. It will take you to the web page where you need to click on ‘ Register Debit Card’ and follow the instructions step by step. It might take 3 to 5 working days for your payment to credit in your account. You can also make a payment by using eVanquis, Vanquis Bank’s online account servicing.

Vanquis Bank Phone Number From Abroad

0161 444 4495 If you are currently outside of the United Kingdom and looking for the assistance to use Vanquis credit card, you can connect Vanquis Bank Phone Number From Abroad 0161 444 4495. The Visa card offered by the bank can be used in the United Kingdom as well as outside the country. The Vanquis Bank also sends the statement of your account stating the location and date of every purchase you made, you can also find the details of cash and the payment buyer received from you. It facilitates you to track your spending. In case, you are getting a problem when paying bills, you can get connected through this number. They will immediately do the necessary procedure to help you out.

Vanquis Bank Channels

0330 099 3000 If you don’t prefer to speak with a customer care agent over the Vanquis Bank contact us number 0330 099 3000, you can send a handwritten letter to give feedback and suggestions to improve Vanquis Bank services by visiting Vanquis Bank Contact Us or send letter on the Vanquis Bank postal address
Vanquis Visa Card
Customer Services
PO Box 399

Vanquis Bank Landline

0162 323 2323 If you have one of the following reason, you can call the Vanquis Bank Landline Number 0162 323 2323, which is 24*7 hours automated telephone service. Vanquis Bank executive will resolve your matters.

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Want to know information and details regarding your account.
How to make online payment and billing.
Ask about your application status.
Want to know about the interest rate.
Have queries about repayment procedures.
Report your lost or stolen card.
How to lodge a complaint?
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